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2 Minute Fit Lab by Monica Edwards

2 Minute Fit Lab

get & stay fit simply with the 2 minute rule


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You just want to be healthy. To move freely. To have more energy. To look good.  And, for fitness to be simple and natural.

You want to have the energy and body to experience all this life has to offer—to thrive and to live life fulfilled. You want to join friends or family on outings and not be out of breath. You want to move freely and pain free.


You want to feel good in your clothes, at the beach, on a walk or a night out. You want to know the simple steps—the easiest way to get and stay fit for wellness and longevity. 


You don't want to spend hours in a gym every day. You don't want to jump up and down for hours like a crazy person in the name of health. You don't want to struggle with weight. You don't want to be tied to a rigorous workout regime for the rest of your life. You don't want to feel tired all the time. You don't want to spend hours each day trying to get and stay fit (who has time for that!). 


You simply want to move your body with ease and enjoyment for better health and longevity—to look and feel good—to thrive and live your best life now to the full.

Woman overthinking fitness looking for simple steps to be fit

The problem is you are at the mercy of the ever changing whims of the fitness fad industry.

They don't want you to succeed. If you do, then you no longer need their new or special "fitness" programs or their monthly memberships.


Instead they continually flood the market with all sorts of new fad programs promising you the body of your dreams if you just do this or that. And, that changes from year to year. This makes it overwhelming & unrealistic whether you are trying to loose weight or simply move for the health of your body.

With all of the marketing messages flooding the varying outlets (tv, commercials, infomercials, websites, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it) how could you not be confused? 


One day it’s Crossfit, the next it’s HIIT, the next a specific class. One company tell you the secret is in spending hours running or taking 5 classes per week. One says it’s in lifting weights. 


They all say it is hard, takes sweat and drudgery and lots of time to simply be fit. And, it will take every day for the rest of your life.


you wonder why you are CONFUSED about what to do to be healthier, to feel good now, to loose weight?


Fitness CAN be easy. Simple. QUICK. And Effective.

You just have to know where to start. Where to look. What to retain. What to ignore. And, what to forget. 

And, don't let that sound overwhelming. It isn't.

happy fit couple laughing


The 2-Minute Fit Lab

I've taken everything I have learned & experienced over decades of studying fitness and simple systems and turned it into a no-fluff, easy to implement system that will have you moving with ease and freedom for life.

This is literally the last course, program, class, membership, video you will ever need on fitness. You'll understand exactly how to move your body, and what is and is not needed, and how to be fit naturally, simply and with ease—any where, any time. 


You'll have the information and know-how for life. No confusion. No monthly or weekly meetings. No programs or personal training to buy.


Real movement. Real life. Real Simple.

I'm handing over the exact step-by-step, simple program I you!


group of people celebrating simple fitness


What's Inside the Lab?

What's Included
Woman enjoying life fulfilled with simple fitness


Know Your Why 

This module covers a powerful exercise that digs deep into your true "why" for any goal. I guarantee you yours is not what you first think. I learned this technique in a $2,000 coaching course—and this one lesson was worth the entire course payment.

You will be able to use this technique with any goal you are setting—financial, food, fitness, relationships, life. It will be key to your life planning to live a fulfilled life that allows you to thrive. You will be amazed at what you uncover and will have all the motivation you will ever need to reach any goal. You will carry this with you for the rest of your life.


Movement vs. Exercise

Here we jump into and demystify the facts about movement vs exercise. You will quickly learn which movements add to dis-ease in the body and which add to health. What is needed to heal, fight disease of all kinds, give energy, slow aging, aid in mental and brain health.

You'll learn the difference between the two and why exercise is not the answer and simple movement is the key to fitness.

Woman Smiling after simple fitness
Happy Woman planning simple fitness for life


The Act of Sitting

Here we dive into the importance of sitting for your health. You will understand how this one area impacts your health even more than how much you exercise. Yes, the way and how you are sitting has more impact on your health than the quantity of exercise.

You will learn exactly how to tell if you sit the right way and amount. And simple, easy ways to make the changes needed to become a part of your every day with natural movements for optimal health and fitness.


Exercise Simplified 

You are constantly flooded with all of the exercises you “must” do if you want to loose weight, look good and feel good. With all the time, sweat, energy and routines it takes. Here, we will strip that bare. We will look at the actual facts of what is needed and how much. You will be blown away by the ease and simplicity needed for real and sustainable results to be fit and thrive.

You will learn the simple natural movements needed to incorporate into your day and how to make this happen without ever going to a gym, turning on a video, attending a class, lifting a weight or even putting on special workout clothes or having to find time to be fit.

Fit Woman Smiling at Life
Happy Woman Breathing with Ease after simple fitness


Goodbye to Exercise & Time

In this module you will learn how to say goodbye to exercise forever. And, how to say hello to a fit body that fuels you for life. All with ease and simplicity. Goodbye to hours of any type of “exercise.”


Goodbye to trying to “find time” for fitness. Hello to freedom and simple fitness and a system that works into your every day no matter where you are. A shift that simply becomes part of your lifestyle. The natural way to stay fit and toned for optimal health.


Simple Steps

You now have all the know-how to easily and simply move with ease and be fit for life. In this final module, we will take all you have learned and turn it into 3 simple steps & a 2 minute rule that are easy to remember and take with you for life.


With all the information rolled in to 3 simple techniques, you will always know exactly how to move naturally & simply through your day for ultimate fitness and health. How to keep it simple and know the difference between all the hype and what is actually important. You will have learned the lynch pin to really staying fit—naturally, simply—and why it is so hard for some people…but no longer for you. All rolled into 3 easy-to-remember simple steps.

Fit Couple Hiking for simple fitness

Are You Ready to Be Fit with Ease?

The 2 Minute Fit Lab arms you with the no-fluff, easy to implement, and simple to remember tools to put your fitness routine on auto-pilot to look good and feel good—for life.

How to take the stress out of fitness and keep it simple, easy and a natural part of your day.

How to know how much movement is needed and what is not.

How to easily identify, with one simple rule, all of the hype and excess vs. actual need.

The moment you join, you get immediate access to the modules and can get started right away. You will also receive access to the material as long as it is on the internet. Plus, you'll receive any future updates I may make to the program.

How to make movement a simple part of your everyday and not something you have to make time for.

How to say goodbye to exercise forever, and why you should.

The simplest and easiest step you or anyone can do today to increase your overall fitness that has nothing to do with exercise.

Fit Couple Smiling and fulfilled

How to stay fit from anywhere with no classes, gyms, videos, or weights.

How to stay fit and full of energy while traveling, from your office, or at home—it’s all the same.

How to move for enjoyment. For health and energy. And, how to never exercise again.

How to never think about starting a fitness routine again. How to wipe it from your to-do list and vocabulary. And, how to simply move your body for life with ease.

And, That's Not All!

When you sign up to the 2 Minute Fit Lab,

you'll also receive access to all of my courses! 


Lady with purpose thriving in life.png


Have interest and intrigue in your days. Live with meaning. With Passion. With Connection. Simply live a full, exciting and impactful life that matters. 

Simple healthy food for wellness.jpg


Enjoy the food you eat. Join friends for lunch and eat delicious foods. Have dessert when you want it. Know what & how to eat for energy and health—for wellness and longevity and to fight disease with ease.

2 Minute Fit Lab by Monica Edwards


You just want to be healthy, move freely, have more energy and to look good. Learn how to get and stay fit easily and for it to be simple, quick and natural. 


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And, There's No Risk To Join

Cancel Anytime Easily

Cancel from right inside your member area or email us. If you cancel, you will retain access for the rest of your paid-for period.

60-day Moneyback Guarantee

Take 60 days to try it out and if you're not happy, ask for a refund, no questions asked.

Fantastic Customer Support

Have questions, email us and we will happily help you.

2 Minute Fit Lab by Monica Edwards

Gain Access to ALL Courses

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    Gain access to all Baseline Courses for the duration of your membership. Cancel anytime.

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FAQ: Is this for You?

Who is this program for?

Any body at any fitness level. Any person looking for simple fitness for a healthy, toned body with energy and ease of movement—all for the pursuit of thriving so you can live your best life now.


Who is this not for?

This program is probably not for you if you are looking to compete in a triathlon or bulk up for a body building contest. This would not be a good fit if you are looking for a magic wand. This will seem utterly easy and simple, but will still require natural movement through your day. This is not for you if plan to sit or lie around all day. Or are looking for something that is hard and time consuming. 


How long does it take?

You will have access to the program and can begin immediately. You can begin to implement the process right away.


How long each day does the system you teach take?

It is a system of natural, simple movement and will not require “extra” time per se. It is built around a 2 minute increment rule and builds right into your daily life.


What if I am busy and don’t have extra time?

You do not need “extra” time for this program. It teaches you how to incorporate this into your daily life no matter where you are—at home, the office or traveling, etc. It becomes second nature with no thought needed. It makes fitness simple and easy.


What if I am not physically active now, can I do this?

Most definitely. Any body, at any fitness level can do this and see results. 

2 Minute Fit Lab by Monica Edwards

Gain Access to ALL Courses

  • Monthly

    Every month
    Gain access to all Baseline Courses for the duration of your membership. Cancel anytime.
  • Best Value


    Every year
    Gain access to all Baseline Courses for the duration of your membership. Cancel anytime.

subscription will auto renew until cancellation.

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