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I create simple systems to help a determined you live your best life now.

I'm a research fanatic. And a life systems expert. My superpower is consuming large amounts of information and then breaking it down to simple steps that can be followed with minimal effort, putting life's foundations on auto-pilot so you can stop struggling with life and start living it.

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I'm a serial entrepreneur and was once a founder and CEO of 5 businesses at the same time. My portfolio includes retail shops, health spas, digital & print magazines, and a business development firm.

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I'm an avid traveler &  photographer and you are likely to find me anywhere around the world capturing life with my camera and a laptop.

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I'm a life and business strategist, and I help entrepreneurs (and people just like you) thrive in life and in business. 

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I'm a writer and an avid reader. One project is never enough for me. I have 4 books in the works.

How I went from founder & CEO of 5 businesses simultaneously

to helping others master their wellbeing to thrive in life..

At the end of the day my life represents freedom, adventure and abundance. It is all about leveraging time for freedom. Freedom to love. To just be. To be present. To explore. To see and experience. To live my best life now. I have learned and experienced tomorrow is never promised.

My story starts as a serial entrepreneur. From age 21 I have worked full-time for myself and started my first brick and mortar business at 23. I was a most likely to attend college student, but choose a different path and have never looked back.

My interests are many and this life has allowed me to pursue them. Each business began from a place of interest and intrigue. Most always, each was rooted with a desire to share and make things simpler or better for people around me.

At one time I was founder and CEO of 5 successful businesses simultaneously. I was juggling employees, changing business climates, marketing and strategies—and a household. My time was strapped and I was on top of the world. I had it all—or so I thought.

Fast forward and I had sold 4 of my businesses, keeping just one. I had the marriage, the house, the cars, the things, the money, the travel. Something was still missing. I knew there had to be more to this life and did not know where to look. 

I turned to my husband to fill my void. To fill something inside of me or entertain me or simply fill the busyness in life that had left me. It was unfair and impossible. No one can do that for you—for me. I didn’t know then. I just sunk lower and lower and had no idea how to fix it.

I lost my marriage. My home. My passion and drive. My self really. I gained the weight. Slowly came into the worst shape of my life. I found myself bored and facing a couple of health issues.

Right after my divorce my husband learned he had stage 4 terminal cancer. He was a picture of strength and the news was devastating. We remained close and he fought a long battle. With all of my experience in the health industry, I did not know how to help him—and still didn’t know how to help me. I felt powerless, lost and useless.

Two pivotal experiences that rocked my world and lead to my life's purpose.

At some point I returned to what I have always done. To my innate interest. I researched. I read. I consumed information. About health. Disease. Wellness. Longevity. Purpose. Faith. Communication. I consumed it all. And continue to.


I also found myself in a place of overwhelm. There is simply so much. To learn. To unlearn. To wade through. To grasp. To sift. To apply. To allow ourselves to know. To then grow. And, all this while trying to just do life.


My super power, you see, is absorbing large amounts of information and filtering it down to the simplest of steps to get from A to B. Simple strategies and systems to optimize time and energy. It’s what I do—for fun. It’s what comes easy to me. It's what has allowed me to do all I do.


Even so, I was still in overwhelm. Even for me, it was simply too much information. Too many choices. Too many differing ideas. All changing. Fads that come and go. I wanted, no needed, simple. Simple steps. 

Many years later of—research, reading, listening, filtering—here I am. Sharing with the world what I have learned. How I got from A to B. How we can indeed live our best lives now through simple steps. I made it to the other side. And so can you.

What I found in all of my research is there are 5 primary foundations that determine the quality of life we live. To the extent we are able to systematize and put these on auto pilot will determine whether we struggle or thrive. Unfortunately, most people struggle with these areas their entire lives.


These foundational areas when not mastered lead to dis-ease in the body, early aging, low energy, lack luster living, broken relationships and more—anything but our best lives. And when someone finds themselves in the middle of a health or life crisis there is no energy, time or brain space to then figure out what is needed, much less to then make those changes.


It was this revelation that propelled me. That called to me. What came easy to me. What challenged me. Set my determination. I see now I was made for a time such as this. My strengths, innate talents and life experiences intersect here. Here in a place to help a determined you master your well being, your health and even your business so you can thrive in life.

I still wear my entrepreneurial hat and always will. I still run a highly successful business with multiple streams. I have unlocked many systems that allow me to optimize life and longevity with ease. Gaining time to live life full—now. I live this life on my terms—sharing my secrets with the world, helping people just like you to thrive and to live your best life now.

I made it to the other side. And so can you.




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An invitation...

I invite you to slow down. To look. To listen. To give your time to those closest to you. To ask the questions. Delve deeper. Understand. Stay open to everything. To life. To calm. To community. To knowing. To understanding. To learning. To communicating. To life.


To do it now. Experience it now. Savor it now. Live your best life now full of energy, interest & intrigue.

And, if you need a hand in getting there, I can help you get there simply and with ease.

Explore with me. Learn with me. Thrive with me.


food, fit, purpose, communication, travel, biz +

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simplest steps to live your best life now

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all of my favorite things to up level life

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