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Monica Edwards is a Travel Photographer, Writer, and Serial Entrepreneur with an online print and lifestyle shop plus courses in travel, business, and life.


She helps entrepreneurs (and people just like you) thrive in business, life, and travel (in any economy or situation).


Monica works with a select few clients for one-to-one business consulting and for photographic commission work ranging from editorial captures, outfitting for the hospitality & architecture industry, to creating business brand marketing packages. Her photography specialty lies in nature, travel, history, food and architecture. The majority of her work is found through personal projects showcased across her namesake site.

How I went from founder and CEO of 5 businesses simultaneously to traveling the world, photographing and story telling.

I’ve always loved stories. Hearing them and sharing them. Even more so, discovering them. I love the interest and intrigue that takes you deep into understanding a person, a place, a land, or even a thing.


That which I’ve learned about life and stories is it starts with communication. With questions really. We have to be interested enough to ask the questions.


To ask the questions that go beyond scratching the surface. To ask the questions that dig deeper. That reveal the why. The why behind the what. The motivation. The reason. 

And, the goal of it all: understanding. 


Isn’t that the actual goal for each of us every day? To hear and be heard. To understand one another and be understood. To be seen. 


It’s this understanding that creates the bonds that tie. That blends the thread of our life with that of those around us. With that of the world.

Monica Edwards | Travel Photographer

In today’s fast paced world, it is easy to walk on by.

Walk on by a person. By nature. A beautiful display of color in the sky. The dew on a leaf.  The light as it hits the water. Or a mountain. Or the call of a bird in the morning.


There’s so much we miss all around us. In the people and the surroundings easily taken for granted. In our hurry.


We fail to stop. To slow down. To ponder. To wonder. To ask the questions. To show interest. To be interested. Outside of ourselves.


I relish it. 


Interest. Intrigue. The unknown—to me. There’s a story waiting to be told every where we look. For many it starts right inside our own home. With those closest to us.


Then, it is that thread that keeps going out to the rest of the world. Beckoning us to follow. To ask. To dig deep. To document. To share. To tell their story.


I ramble on to tell those stories wherever the thread may take me. 


I invite you to follow along with me and see the stories I uncover. To be inspired. To uncover your own stories. To tell them in your way.

The Path may not have been straight. Hindsight showed though it was clear.

You see, I am a serial entrepreneur. I have worked since age 15 and for myself since age 20. I was a “most likely to attend college” student—graduating in the top percentiles of my high school class. Yet, I attended college for a blink of an eye and found I had too many ideas calling my name. I left to pursue my own dreams. On my own terms. I never looked back.


And, I never stopped learning.


I am constantly learning and growing and will continue do so for the remainder of my days. In my way. With my interests. For my life.


Through my journey, I launched, ran and eventually sold several successful businesses. At one time I was founder and CEO of 5 different businesses simultaneously.


I absolutely loved them all—most of the time. Yes, there were challenges. Aren’t there always. I relished though the ending of each day with me experiencing something I enjoyed. 


I began selling those final 5 businesses and stayed with just one. 


A magazine.


This would be the journey that ultimately lead me to here.

Vertical Dress-5.jpg

A stop in health along the way tied another knot.

One of those businesses was a muti-location health spa. I was immersed in natural health and foods and treatments. 


I would later realize there were volumes more my time had not even scratched.


The key, I have seen, is to always be open to learning. Open to knowing there are truths you may not have uncovered—yet.


There is always more. Seldom absolutes.


After the loss of my first husband to cancer, and years after selling the spa, I dug deeper into the complexities of health and fitness that boggle us all. I emerged with a breadth of new understanding in the ways of wellness. 


I had cracked the code to simplifying the secrets to health and fitness. Simple steps that evaded me when I needed them most. I carry those with me now and share their simplicity with others.


The need to always pursue our best life now and live it to the full each and every day echoed my every day. It called me beyond.


At every turn, I take with me a part of the me that was. I take this into the next chapter as each one closes.


I relish the knowledge. The growth. The understanding. The gifts. Of life. Of life shared.

The final stage to ME on the road.

My final remaining business was that magazine—it spanned 14 years. It was time. I sold it as I moved to a new chapter. A new calling.

During that tenure I ran the magazine as CEO, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief at times, a contributing photographer and writer—amongst my team of many.


I had always been an entrepreneur and a writer. I became a photographer.


I was self taught. Like with so many of my ventures.


I knew what I loved. What inspired me. What called to me. What came easy. What challenged me. What gave me growth. Interest. Intrigue.

The magazine held so many of those creative outlets and experiences. Yet, there was more to my story still untold.


It laid beyond.

Beyond the walls of any one town. Any one state. Region. Or even country. It spans the world.


Whether a far away region. A glorious mountain top. Sparkling waters. Or the stillness of a favorite local town. There is a story waiting to be known. To be understood. To be preserved. To be shared.


I happily stepped into that calling. I am here to serve the voices calling out. To the people now, before and beyond. To the lands, the architecture with their many touches. To the calls of nature—grandiose and simple. 

Monica Edwards | Travel Photographer

An invitation...

I capture these stories and share them through my Limited Edition Print Collection, my Written Stories, and the books in progress. I also teach small business owners (and people just like you) to thrive in any economy or situation—to elevate your personal life and business—through my custom Courses that make achieving your health, fitness, business and life goals simple and maintainable. 


Whichever way you choose. I invite you to follow along and share the stories with me. See what I see. See your own story. Write your own story.


Mostly, I invite you to slow down. To look. To listen. To give your time to those closest to you. To ask the questions. Delve deeper. Understand. Stay open to everything. To life. To calm. To community. To knowing. To understanding. To communicating. To life.


To do it now. Experience it now. Savor it now. Live your best life now full of energy, interest & intrigue.

Explore with me. Learn with me. Thrive with me.


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simplest steps to live your best life now


all of my favorite things to up level life

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