Goizueta Gardens | Atlanta History Center

July 2022

It’s unexpected. Towering. Peaceful. Lush. Natural. Hidden. If ever there was a secret garden surely this is it.

Bench on an overlook to Quarry Garden at Atlanta History Center Goizeuta Gardens

Life is better when it's interesting.

One of many benches on the paths of Goizeuta Gardens at The Atlanta History Center in Buckhead. This bench perches on an overlook to the Quarry Garden

The Brief.

Goizueta Gardens, located at Atlanta History Center, spans 33-acres and is comprised of nine distinct gardens to make the whole.

The Elevation.

It’s unexpected. Towering. Peaceful. Lush. Natural. Hidden. All in the midst of Atlanta. The surprise of it all is part of the lure. Pure immersion into a forest thriving in time. 


Escape the bustle of the city through the world awaiting beyond the backdoor of Atlanta History Center. If ever there was a secret garden surely this is it. A towering canopy of trees shade a meandering path connecting the lavish Swan House, a simple cabin in the woods and the working farm that is Smith House. 


From stately manicured areas bursting with color, fragrance, water features, statues and columns to a native garden some 25 feet below grade nurturing native plants to meandering forest paths connecting heirloom flowers, crops and wildflowers.

Bench along shaded path in Goizueta Gardens at Atlanta History Center
One of many native plants in Atlanta History Center Gardens
boardwalk in Swan Woods at Atlanta History Center Gardens
Swan House Gardens at Atlanta History Center in Buckhead-Atlanta

left to right: a bench along the shaded path of the Quarry Garden at Atlanta History Center; One of many native plants in the 9 gardens; boardwalk in Swan Woods; Swan House Gardens

Go for the Surprise.

It’s unexpected, awe-inspiring and around each bend more surprise awaits.


Go for the Nature.

Waterfalls, a winding stream, towering trees, ferns galore, rhododendrons, roses, medicinal herbs, native plants. And, a canopy of towering trees offering a shade of respite throughout.                

Go for the Peace.

It’s just plain peaceful. Stroll the paths or sit a spell at one of the myriad benches beckoning a lingering stay.

Highlights & Other Offerings

9 distinct gardens: Olguita’s Garden, Quarry Garden, Smith Farm Gardens, Swan House Gardens, Rhododendron Garden, Asian Garden, Swan Woods, Veterans Park, and Entrance Gardens.


Also in / at the Center: 3 historic houses. Numerous gallery exhibits, Cyclorama: The Big Picture, Kenan Research Center, Cherokee Garden Library, Programs, Initiatives, and Projects, Gift Shop, Brash Coffee Shop, Souper Jenni.


For this outing, just head straight to the gardens where you will be transported for as long as you wish. My stay is normally a couple of hours.

Hours & Best Times to Visit

Go early. Be there at 9:00 am and have most of the entire garden to yourself (or at least it will seem like it). And, in the summer months the shade from the canopy of trees will make most of the garden a haven of respite from the Atlanta heat.


Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 am - 4:00pm

(Houses open at 11:00 am)



Numerous benches dot the paths. There is always another one around the next corner. Take a book and sit a spell.




Location & Delivery Details:

Atlanta History Center
130 West Paces Ferry Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30305


phone: 404.814.4000

From Southside: about 45 minutes

From Alpharetta: about 27 minutes


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