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Run your business,
while we grow it.

Dream Employee & Customer Attraction & Retention Program that works.

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Helping you attract more of your dream clients and dream employees so you can free up more time and add more revenue to your bottom line.

It’s not an option in today’s market.

The #1 way to scale your business and attract top employees today is through a consistent brand-aligned social media presence. And, that statement alone creates stress and overwhelm for most business owners.

Fact is your social media pages are the first place potential new clients and employees look to see if they want to visit or work with you. That first impression is critical and the type of content you share will dictate the type of client and employee you attract. It’s also a place to keep in touch with your current clients and increase the frequency in which they visit and buy from you.


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There are three key things you need on these social platforms.
One is consistency.
Two is brand-aligned posts. Three is strategy.

The algorithms of the social platforms award your reach (# of people they show your content to) with consistency and decrease your reach with inconsistency. And, what you post MUST align with the brand image of your in-store offerings to attract and retain your ideal clients & employees. Anything you post should talk to that same high income earner with disposable income that you want to attract (even when marketing for employees). Think of your social feeds as an extension of your Restaurant or Hotel. Do they match?

this is where I come in....


I'm Monica Edwards

I am a 28-year serial entrepreneur. I'm also a brand photographer, systems expert, marketing and business strategist. I bring all of this together to capture your brand story and share it online for you.

I start with a personalized strategy for your business to attract and retain your ideal clients & employees. We first identify your dream client and employee avatar. We use this framework to then put processes in place to start your employee and client attraction & retention program.

The next step is a branding photo shoot to create a library of professional on-brand, compelling, drool-worthy & converting images that you own


Then, using these images & the identified strategic plan, my team schedules your content across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 5 days per week to grow your audience reach, maintain your base, attract new clients & employees and ultimately increase your revenue. 

We do all of this for less than it would cost to pay someone unexperienced in-house. 






We are experts in marketing, employee & client acquisition, brand photography and social media. We combine these for a cohesive service that represents and builds your business.



Better Than Hiring In-House

For less than it would cost to pay someone unexperienced in-house, you can have a team of expert brand builders.



No Long Term Contracts

We go above and beyond and consistently provide value and results for our clients. No excuses. Just good work.


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let's do this!

What would it be worth to.... 

Seat just 1 more 4-top table at lunch or dinner each day of the month? What's that value?


To book just 1 more 3 night stay per month?

To have just 1 more of your current dream clients visit more often?


Attract and retain 1 more dream employee? 


There is a rhythm and flow as well as a science to this. Outside of the framework it can feel inauthentic, as if you are simply using your employees for promotional purposes—this will backfire. This program creates the authentic experience inside your business and simply shares that (strategically) across social in way that speaks to your ideal clients and those ideal employees.


The aim is to build a library of images that captures and tells your story (a mix of interiors and exteriors, staff members and owners plus an array of styled menu items, ingredient shots, kitchen process, front-of-house action—for restaurants. And, rooms, gathering spaces, staff, activities and surroundings for hotels).

After the shoot, we edit the photos and provide you with a digital folder of images with full marketing-use licensing rights included. You own all of the images for use across all aspects of marketing your business (website, social media, print, editorial or other promotions).

This will be a 4 hour photoshoot designed to capture a full year of on-brand images that can be used for years to come on social media & marketing. 


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Branded Photo Shoots
Restaurant Employee Photo by Monica Edwards


Attracting your IDEAL employees—those that will want to work with you, stay for a long while, and have a good work ethic—takes a different approach than used in the past. It is much the same as attracting your ideal customers.


And that is exactly what this program does for you—attracts ideal employees & customers at the same time.


Built around a method that naturally and organically celebrates your employees, it becomes a part of your business culture. We then take that celebration, in a natural way, to social media. 


We first start with the implementation of an employee appreciation program (easy to implement). We then layer in a sequence of timed digital questionnaires that we build out and have your employees answer in under 3 minutes each.


These are specific questions to obtain more life information about your employees (for social sharing) plus specific questions that identify why your long term employees stay and the short term do not. Specific questions that spot problems to be fixed before it is too late.  The questionnaire is a crucial part of your program. It helps with the attraction and retention process—and we handle all of this for you. You will receive reports with the answers, and we will use the pertinent answers for promoting on social media. ​ With your ideal customer and employee in mind (they go hand in hand—we’ll tell you more about this and why) we incorporate professional on-brand photos of your staff into your library of restaurant images. These images are used strategically and paired with the right wording to celebrate these employees (helping them feel valued and more loyal) while also organically attracting more of your ideal employees and clients at the same time.

Social Media Scheduling


What use are all those branded images if they simply sit in your online folder! Using the photos from your branded shoot, we will post your content across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 5 times per week for consistency and further reach. We create a posting schedule unique to your business based on account analytics, ideal hashtags & best practices.


You will still maintain control of your sites and can post on your own at any time. Some restaurants have daily or weekly specials and they pop in and add those on occasion. Commenting, engaging with clients, and captioning remains in your control. We do, however, offer captioning designed to engage and convert to the photos we take.

Our aim is to provide your business with a consistent brand image across the 3 social platforms to grow your business.


Monica uses decades of experience in the magazine, editorial and marketing world to produce enticing content that will stop the scroll of your clients and potential employees to draw them into your unique story.

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How to Get Started

Ready to attract more of your dream clients and dream employees so you can free up more time and add more revenue to your bottom line?



Brand Photography

Build a library of professional images that capture your brand identity and match the quality you offer in-person. Your photos have the power to attract or repel your ideal clients and employees. Let’s make sure you are attracting. (These photos will be used across social for several years to come) $4,500


On Boarding

Initial phase to identify your ideal client & employee avatars, create your strategic social media plan with initial research for captions & hashtags & set up full employee attraction and retention program with surveys. $1,500


Recruitment + Social Scheduling

Social Scheduling to include up to five posts per week across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from the library of on-brand images plus captions, strategy, hashtags and the full monthly implementation of the employee attraction and retention program—includes surveys, responses, reports and posts. $1,000 mth, 12-mths.



We routinely work with clients in the restaurant & hospitality industries in Atlanta, Charleston and Asheville. Depending on scheduling, we are also available any where around the world. Inquire for more details.


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