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Photo Shoot Questions
Social Scheduling Questions


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Q: What will be included in the photo shoot session?

The aim is to build a full library of photos that you then own to be used for any and all of your marketing needs. We then use these photos in scheduling your consistent and branded social media presence. Plan for a full-day of shooting—4 to 5 hours. During this shoot, we will capture on-brand menu items, interiors, staff, kitchen in-process shots, etc.

Q: How are we allowed to use the photos?

You own full marketing-use rights to all photos. They may be used across all areas of your business for marketing purposes—on social media, your website, marketing materials, ads, magazine coverage, etc. We only require that a photo credit is given when each photo is used.

Q: Did I read correctly that I have FULL use rights to my photos + videos? 

Yep. You have full marketing-use rights to all photos / videos. We only ask that a photo credit is given when each photo or video is used.

Q: Can we do additional photo shoots for seasonal updates, etc?

Maybe. At this time, our schedule is full. Please inquire for availability. 

Q: How do you schedule the photo shoots?

We will schedule your photo shoot at the time of signing to reserve your spot. Based on availability this may be within 3- 6 weeks. You will be given an agreed upon date at the time of signing.

Q: How do we prepare for the shoots?

Think ahead. You'll know when we're coming, and will have a list of all we need to capture during this visit. If you are a restaurant, for example, consider what dishes, drinks, kitchen scenes, in-action shots or members of your team you want to focus on. For the hospitality industry, depending on your offerings, your shoot may include a restaurant shoot as well as room, common areas, and general mixing and/or outdoor activities plus area interest shots. NOTE: We will send you an outline of what can be expected inside of each hour of shooting, based on your industry so you can plan ahead. 

Q: What type of businesses do you work with?

While Monica has extensive experience working with a myriad of businesses and themes, her primary focus today is branding photography with restaurants or food concepts, the boutique hotel and travel industry. If your industry is not one of these and you are interested in branded photography, email Monica here to inquiry.


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Q: Are we still able to post on our own social accounts?

Most definitely. Our focus is on providing you with brand aligned posts and a consistent schedule to boost reach and attract top employees and ideal clients and also retain current ones. If you want to add posts to promote daily specials or pop-up events or last minute announcements, etc, these would be for you to post. A good area for any of these posts is in Stories if you do not want to add to the feed—and to keep your feed with a consistent brand image.

Q: Do you add captions or do we?

We provide captions as part of your program. You will approve these in bulk before posting begins. Captions can also be provided by you.  

Q: Do you post daily or schedule all the posts ahead?

We work in batch by pre scheduling all of your posts for the upcoming quarter ahead of time based on the photos in your library gathered from photo shoots.

Q: Can we send you daily specials or sales or announcements to post?

No. We only schedule posts based on the photo shoots or prearranged additions to your library prior to each quarter.

Q: How do you determine what time to post each day?

We use a scheduling software that analyzes your particular accounts and provides the times your clients are typically online and most likely to engage. We follow these guidelines. Your schedule times may change month to month in the beginning until a clear pattern is seen by the software.

Q: Why do you recommend posting 5 times per week?

Social media channels use algorithms to determine who and how many of your followers they will show your posts to. One of the determining factors is consistency. They reward consistent posting and penalize inconsistent posting. Also, remember the point of marketing is to be seen when your client needs your service. You want to remind your clients you are there while also maintaining a consistent presence when a new client lands on one of your pages. It takes a high frequency of seeing your message for a client to take action in today’s overstimulated world. 

Q: How do we cancel our social media scheduling?

With the Client Attracting & Retention Program we require a 12 month commitment. 


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Q: Can we have you handle our social posting without doing photo shoots?

No. We only take social media scheduling clients using the photos we have taken. 

Q: Can we do branded photo shoots without being a social scheduling or Employee Acquisition client?

Yes. If our schedule permits. Contact us directly to inquire.

Q: Do you offer business consulting to help with our overall marketing plan or business?

Yes, if space permits. Complete business consulting is available, including marketing planning, social profile optimization, in-store promos and best practices, how to boost revenue, how to have a business that you run (instead of one that runs you). More Details here >

Q: How does the billing work?

Your On-Boarding fee is billed at the time of signing. The photo shoot is then charged in 2 payments; 1 at 45 days prior and the final 7 days prior. The Employee Attraction & Social Media Scheduling Program is billed monthly.

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