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Simple healthy and tasty food for life

Food For Life



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You just want to be healthy. To move freely. To have more energy. To thrive. And, to eat with ease. 

You want to enjoy the food you eat. You want simple food tips so you can join friends for lunch and eat delicious foods. You want to have dessert when you want it. You want to know what to eat for energy and health—what to eat for wellness and longevity, to thrive and live your best life. 

You don't want to ever diet again. You don't want to eat bland food in the name of health. You don't want to struggle with weight. You don't want to eat only salads for the rest of your life. You don't want to feel hungry all the time. You don't want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning (who has time for that!). 

You simply want to eat delicious foods with ease and enjoyment to live a healthy, longer and more connected life.

The problem is you are at the mercy of the ever changing whims of the diet fad food industry.

They don't want you to succeed. If you do, then you no longer need their new programs or special "diet" foods. Instead they continue to flood the market with all sorts of confusing terms and new diets and what to eat and what not to eat. This makes it overwhelming whether you are trying to loose weight or simply eat for the health of your body.

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you wonder why you are CONFUSED about what to eat to be healthier, to feel good now, to loose weight, to fight disease, to live longer?

With all of the marketing messages flooding the varying outlets (tv, commercials, infomercials, websites, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it) how could you not be confused?


One day it's okay to eat eggs, the next day it's not. One company says eat meat, the next says only our meat. One says eat more fat, the next says only fat-free.

Seemingly, every day there are "new" discoveries of what is or is no longer good for your body.


Food CAN be easy. Simple. Delicious. AND healthy. 

You just have to know where to start. Where to look. What to retain. What to ignore. And, what to forget. 

And, don't let that sound overwhelming. It isn't.

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The Food For Life Lab

I've taken everything I have learned & experienced over decades of studying food and simple systems and turned it into a no-fluff, easy to implement system that will have you eating with ease and freedom for life.

This is literally the last course, workshop, program, lecture, podcast or book you will ever need on food. You'll understand exactly what to eat, what not to eat, and how to do it with ease and deliciousness. 

You'll have the information and know-how for life. No confusion. No monthly or weekly meetings. No diets or special meals to buy.

Real food. Real life. Real Simple.

I'm handing over the exact step-by-step, simple program I you!


Food for Life Lab


What's Inside the Lab?

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Woman living life fulfilled and turning in field


Know Your Why 

This module covers a powerful exercise that digs deep into your true "why" for any goal. I guarantee you yours is not what you first think. I learned this technique in a $2,000 coaching course—and this one lesson was worth the entire course payment.

You'll be able to use this technique with any goal you are setting—financial, food, fitness, relationships, life. It will be key to your life planning to live a fulfilled life that allows you to thrive. You will be amazed at what you uncover and will have all the motivation you will ever need to reach any goal. You will carry this with you for the rest of your life.


Simplifying Food

Here we jump into and demystify the facts about food. You will quickly learn what foods add to dis-ease in the body and which add to health. Which foods heal, fight disease of all kinds, give energy, slow aging, aid in mental and brain health.

You'll learn what the different terms (like GMO, Pasture Raised, Cage-free and others) all mean and which ones even matter. You'll learn which foods affect your gut health and your entire body and a simple way to remember everything you need to know about food that makes this all quick, sustainable and easy-peasy. 

fresh veggies for healthy simple food options
woman planning a healthy life with simple food options.jpg


Get Your Lists Straight

You're constantly flooded with a myriad of information on what you should and shouldn't do as pertains to your food—and well, everything else in life too. You're also bombarded with why you should and should not do certain things. This is another module that will teach you a quick technique that will translate into all other areas of living your best life.


You will learn to easily identify your unique to-dos, not-to-dos and how-to-not-dos. Your superpower and kryptonite. You see, we are all different and our lists are individual to our body and goals. This module simplifies this and moves you to food success with ease in minutes.


Meal Planning for Life

All success starts with a plan. Here you will learn real life meal planning and prepping. No fancy, photo-geared, meals or plans here just real life and real food. You'll also learn how to know what to eat at restaurants and how to choose recipes (and which ones to ignore).


You'll learn exactly how to quickly plan simple healthy meals for the week, month and even year. How to put it on auto repeat (while keeping it interesting and delicious) to save you time and overwhelm.  And, how to easily and quickly prep your food to ensure success. You'll also learn different options to do this based on how you personally like to eat. You'll never have to wonder what's for dinner again. 

simple healthy meal planning for busy moms to thrive
Planning and organizing kitchen for simple best health.jpg


Revamp Pantry & Frig

It's time to set you up physically for success. You will learn exactly what to stock and not stock in your pantry and frig for life. We'll go through both and you will learn how to simplify, easily organize and stock to ensure you always have the simple ingredients for your chosen healthy meals on hand.

You'll learn a quick way to sort through and clean out the old and replace with the new. Plus a simple tip that makes this easy to always remember.


The Simple Steps

You now have all the know-how to easily and simply eat with ease for life. In this final module, we will take all you have learned and turn it into 3 simple steps that are easy to remember and take with you for life.

You'll end this program with all the information rolled in to 3 simple techniques to always know exactly what to eat, how to eat, how to plan it, how to keep it interesting and delicious, how to avoid overwhelm and how to enjoy it. All rolled into 3 easy-to-remember simple steps.

fresh healthy simple lunch bowl.jpg

The Food For Life Lab arms you with the no-fluff, easy to implement, and simple to remember tools to put your healthy food planning and eating-with-ease on auto-pilot for an abundant life.

The moment you join, you will recieve your full access to get started right away. You will also receive access to every course in my library. Plus, you'll receive any future updates I may make to the program.

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Here's the Type of Info I Cover

How to take the stress out of eating and keep it delicious and healthy at the same time.

How to know exactly what to eat for health and longevity. For more energy, movement, and to live the life your best life now.

How to easily and simply plan and make meals that are delicious, satisfying, fulfilling, varied AND healthy. 

How to eat out in restaurants or with to-go with ease. There are definitely times when you need to or simply want to eat out. You'll learn how to do that, and feel good about it.

How to stock your frig and pantry for success. How to pick healthy and delicious foods to have on hand—and not even be tempted by the not-so-good stuff.

How to eat for enjoyment. For health. For its health benefits. And how to never diet again. How to turn the word diet back into a noun.

How to never count calories or points or days or anything of the sort about your food. How to simply eat healthy for life with ease.

And, There's No Risk To Join

Cancel Anytime Easily

Cancel from right inside your member area or email us. If you cancel, you will retain access for the rest of your paid-for period.

60-day Moneyback Guarantee

Take 60 days to try it out and if you're not happy, ask for a refund, no questions asked.

Fantastic Customer Support

Have questions, email us and we will happily help you.

And, That's Not All!

When you sign up to the Food For Life Lab,

you'll also receive access to all of my courses! 


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Have interest and intrigue in your days. Live with meaning. With Passion. With Connection. Simply live a full, exciting and impactful life that matters. 

Simple healthy food for wellness.jpg


Enjoy the food you eat. Join friends for lunch and eat delicious foods. Have dessert when you want it. Know what & how to eat for energy and health—for wellness and longevity and to fight disease with ease.

2 Minute Fit Lab by Monica Edwards


You just want to be healthy, move freely, have more energy and to look good. Learn how to get and stay fit easily and for it to be simple, quick and natural. 


Coming Soon

food for life lab for simple food to thrive

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