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5 Best Coffee Shops in Charleston from a Local

There is so much more that goes into the making of a good coffee shop these days. The coffee itself, yes. Then there is the other. The teas or specialty drinks. The bakery items or sandwiches or even breakfast or lunch. Then, there is the vibe—and is it Instagramable. Charleston has no shortage of exceptional coffee shops that tick off each box.

This is a list of the five best coffee shops in Charleston that this local visits on the regular and also takes my friends to when visiting.

1. Harken Cafe & Bakery

slice of cake and coffee on a wood cafe table in a rustic interior with exposed brick
7 Layer Cake and Flat White at Harken Cafe in Charleston. One of the top 5 Coffee Shops in downtown Charleston

With exposed brick and wood beams, this country-chic vibe delivers on the Instagrammability at every turn. The coffee and delectable bakery items draw you in and the interior vibe keeps you coming back. All items are made from scratch using locally sourced Low Country ingredients with a healthy and contemporary slant to Southern traditionals. In addition to savory and sweet bakery treats, they serve breakfast and lunch items, bakery style. The cafe is small and is always bustling. Expect to see a line out the door and know it moves fast—and it is worth it. All items are available until they run out each day.

My favorite go-tos are the 7 Layer Cake and Flat White (except in the fall, then it is the Caramel Pumpkin Latte, like no other).

(Note: they do not allow laptops nor have wifi; located on Queen Street, indoor and outdoor seating).

2. Clerks Coffee Company

cup of coffee on a table with a book beside a comfy chair
Sitting a spell with Clerks Coffee in the Hotel Emeline living room

Clerks is an extension of Hotel Emeline with a large, open coffee cafe with a slightly retro, modern vibe. Located in the middle of it all, at the corner of Market and Church Streets, it is a full on tourist area, but do not let this deter you. Its connection to Hotel Emeline and Frannie & The Fox (the hotel's signature restaurant) lends an extensive menu offering with breakfast sandwiches, frittatas, breakfast casserole, plus parfait, overnight oats and chia pudding. And, it does not stop there. They also serve a lunch, pastries, plus beer, wine, and cocktails. With plenty of outlets and comfy seating you could spend a day here.

My favorite is to take my coffee and venture through the Hotel’s first floor starting with a sit, sip and read in their living area, and then a visit to Keep Shop.

3. La Patisserie

bright open interior of a cafe with marble table tops
La Patisserie, a French coffee cafe on King Street in Charleston

A French inspired coffee cafe and bakery located on King Street and associated with Hotel Bennet. Expect a fresh, bright and open air interior with marble table tops, buzzing with tourists coming and going. The true star here is the selection of French pastries by renowned French Pastry Chef, Rémy Fünfrock. Along with a full coffee bar and pastries, there are savories including fresh Tartines, Croissant sandwiches, Quiche, Croque Monsieur and more.

My favorite, so far, is the Royal. With each visit, I try a new one (in addition to the Royal, of course)—and all have been delectable!

4. Mercato at Sorelle

Coffee and cannoli on marble table at Mercato Sorelle in Charleston
A Flat White and Cannoli at the Mercato at Sorelle

A newcomer in early 2023 to the Charleston scene and an instant favorite for tourists and locals alike. Set in a gorgeous historic interior on Broad Street, it is bedecked with marble and modern Italian accents. The coffee is fantastic and the lunch and pastry options are spot on. It features an open deli section where sandwiches are sliced and prepared fresh. The only downside, if there is one, is it is quite popular and busy with limited seating. This is not the place to bring a laptop and spend hours—linger with coffee and delectables, yes, by all means.

My favorites are the Stromboli and the Prosciutto Sandwich plus the cannoli and a Flat White. Oh my.

5. The Black Door Cafe

Inside of a coffee shop with tables and dark accented decor
Black Door Cafe at The Mills House Hotel

Another hotel associated coffee cafe. It is located on the ground of The Mills House Hotel at the corner of Queen and Meeting Streets. I love these hotel cafes as you are welcome to take your coffee and sit a spell in the gorgeous hotel lounges as well. Black Door is akin to a grab and go cafe meets coffee shop. Sandwiches, parfaits, salads and cold drinks are available from the cooler, while fresh pastries from Saffron Bakery, a full coffee selection and gelato are offered at the counter. Plenty of room here to spread out with a laptop if you’d like.

My favorite is the cinnamon roll.

6. A BONUS, Harken has an equally delectable sister coffee & bake shop on the north end of Downtown Charleston on upper King Street, Harbinger Cafe & Bakery, that definitely deserves a spot on the "5 Best Coffee Shops in Charleston" list. I like to think of them as sisters, but not twins. They offer differing menus, although similar. Harbinger seems to have a larger selection of baked goods and has more seating space. My favorite is still Harken as it carries my preferences of goods and I lean toward their interior as well. Both are well worth a visit.


The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Downtown Charleston

  1. Harken Cafe & Bakery

  2. Clerks Coffee Company

  3. La Patisserie

  4. Mercato at Sorelle

  5. The Black Door Cafe

  6. And, a bonus: Harbinger Cafe & Bakery


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