8 Signs You Need More Purpose in Life

Once you know what they are, the signs that you may need more purpose in life are glaringly evident in your own life and those around you. Having purpose in life is what gives life meaning. It is what fuels us and energizes us in our every day. It propels us through life with wonder and excitement. You know why you want it and here’s how to see if you might need to zero in on your own purpose.

Purpose sign pointing way in desert

1. Bored with life.

If you find yourself generally bored with life, you may need more purpose in your life. Boredom is simply a tool tapping you on the shoulder and asking for more please. And not just more of anything, instead more of what matters to your particular soul. We are living in an age of an abundance of opportunities for excitement and interest and intrigue at every turn. You just have to know where to look to make sure what you add aligns with your purpose and not just simple busyness.

2. Feel there has to be more to life.

If you feel there certainly must be more to this life, but you just don’t no what it is, then you may be in need of more purpose in your life. This sign aligns with sign number one. Both are subtle taps on your shoulder attempting to get your attention. Whispering to you that there is indeed more to this life and it is waiting on you. When you are aware of your purpose, you will know there is more and you will be experiencing it each and every day.

3. Involved in Escapism.

Escapism comes in many forms and is a sure sign you may need more purpose in life. When aligned with purpose you have desire and passion and a plan to follow it. You realize time is so very precious and your purpose will consume your days (with joy). It leaves very little time for meaningless distractions. Forms of escapism vary and include drugs and alcohol to surfing social media or binge watching tv or even travel or shopping when trying to mask the boredom or escape your dull life.

4. Often disappointed.

If you are continually disappointed, you may need more purpose. A person filled with purpose is constantly seeing the abundance and opportunity around them and too filled with gratitude to be continually disappointed. The daily problems crumble and are replaced with opportunities. Your perspective shifts from a sense of lack or missing out to the options and gratitudes of each day and event—no matter its outcome. Your happiness and contentment are not dependent on any action, activity, event or person.

5. Not waking up excited.

If you find yourself with no real reason or pull to get out of bed early you may need to look deeper to your purpose in life. When zeroed in and living your purpose there are not enough hours in the day to savor it all. You are anxious to wake early and hit the ground running. Excited for what you will experience and learn and share in this day ahead.

6. No excitement in your every day.

If you find yourself looking forward to the weekend or to a certain trip or day of the week to simply be excited, you may need more purpose in life. When living out your purpose your schedule reflects it. Your every day is peppered or layered with pieces of your purpose weaving through out. You simply can not help but be excited in the every day of life.

7. You’re blaming people in your life for your unhappiness.

If you commonly find yourself thinking someone (or even something) made you unhappy, sad, angry (fill in the blank) then you may need more purpose in your life. When you are filled with purpose you will be content and fulfilled with life in yourself. You will not be dependent on others to “make you happy.” It is literally impossible for true happiness to be given to you from anyone or anything external and you will begin to see this. When lacking purpose you look to others for your fulfillment and blame them for your feelings of despair. When filled with purpose you have all you need inside you and live that out each day. You simply lack the time or desire to blame others.

8. Not helping others.

If you are living a life devoid of helping others you may need more purpose in life. Once you have identified and are living your purpose you will see how it correlates and fully blooms when it is shared with others. When it helps others it helps you. You will be looking daily for ways to share and lift others up through your purpose.

If any of these 8 signs spoke to you, you may very well be in need of more purpose in your life. Your purpose is right there waiting on you. It is tapping you on the shoulder and giving you these subtle signs every day to reach for more. To live for more. To live this life fulfilled and to your fullest potential. Go ahead, you’re going to love it.


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