How to Make Captions for Restaurants Easy & Effective on Social Media

The idea with captions is to engage your customer and create like, know and trust. A secondary and equally important purpose of captions is for social media SEO. The words of your caption can help the media sites know what your post is about and thus recommend your posts to more of the right people your restaurant wants to reach in search. (This works kinda like Google search, just not as powerful). However, just like with SEO, you do not want to keyword stuff, instead make it natural.

Why Captions Matter in Your Restaurant Posts on Social Media

Engagement is the name of the social game. The more time someone spends on your posts, whether they click to read the entire caption, share it, save it and like it all figures in the algorithms that determine how many people the social platforms will show your post to. The more engagement, the more exposure you get, for free.

So, that caption is one more way to try and engage your customer—it’s good for them and for you. Your goal is to make your posts more interesting and to give the reader a reason to check out your captions each time.

The idea behind each caption or post is establish what is called Like, Know, Trust. You are essentially building a relationship with your social profiles. That is key, it is a relationship and not simply a place to “advertise” to your customers. If they feel that is all you do, there is no reason for them to follow and engage with you.

How to Make Custom Restaurant Captions Easy and Relatable

Writing captions is an area that stumps a lot of business owners. And, it takes time—time most simply don’t have in the midst of the day. Let’s dig in to a few ways to make this task a lot easier—and more impactful at the same time.

  1. One of the best caption strategies for a restaurant is to simply tell what the dish is. Remember, it may be obvious to you, but not to your client. Even a burger can have a description. You can simply pull this from your menu for a straightforward approach.

  2. Another way to write custom captions is to tell something about the dish itself. For example, if it has a regional significance, tell about it. If any of the items are sourced locally, regionally or from somewhere special, tell that. If there is a story behind why it is on the menu, tell that.

  3. Then, take advantage of that cation space and add your hours and general location. Or, if it’s a special, tell what days and hours it is available. If the dish is for brunch, give the brunch days/hours.

Example Post Layout:


Name of dish and the description.



Visit us in (Name of Your City here)….

Lunch: Monday - Sunday 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Dinner: Monday - Sunday 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm (insert actual hours of course :)


See you soon! (Or insert a call to action… Ask a question)


What just happened in that post is you educated and engaged your client PLUS through doing so you told the social search engines your post was about lunch and dinner in Peachtree City. You helped more people to find your account.

Caption Ideas for Restaurant Posts of Employees

Including staff in your social feed is a key element in a well rounded posting strategy. This shows the culture of your working environment and how you celebrate your employees—part of an overall strategy to attract more top level employees and retain the ones you have. {note: it must be sincere. To show you celebrating them, well you have to celebrate them}

  1. Introduce the employee.

  2. Tell a bit about their background, hobbies, their favorite dish or what they like best about working there, etc. I’ve also seen a restaurant share in their “q&a” with employees other places the employee has eaten in town recently (this builds a relationship with other local restaurants and is interesting to your customers).

  3. Celebrate employment anniversaries. Post and tell how long they have worked there and include some of the information from #2.

Generic Social Media Caption Ideas for Restaurants

And, for those times when you just want something else to say, here a few captions starters. Just remember, your goal is not to be witty (unless that is your brand voice), it is to engage your customers. Think of your Client Avatar (ideal client profile) and speak to that person in your captions.

  1. Take a seat…we always welcome walk-ins. Or, head to xxxx to make a reservation.

  2. We may be biased, but we think this is the best lunch place in town.

  3. We can’t wait to see you… soon this room will be buzzing with good food & good conversations.

  4. Who are you bringing with you on your next visit to xxxxxx?

  5. It’s a beautiful day to enjoy your favorite xxxxx at xxxxx today! See you soon.

  6. Hey there Southsiders! What are you doing this weekend? It’s always fun & delicious at xxxx. We look forward to serving you!

  7. It’s a great day for a little xxxxx. See you soon!

  8. Our very own home sweet home. Hours: xxxx - xxxxxx.

  9. We’re ready for you Southside (your city or region)! Who’s joining us this week?

  10. Hey friends! We’re open for indoor and outdoor seating (insert hours), serving up Downtown’s (or your region or city) best xxxx!

  11. What are your dinner plans this week? Come join us here at xxxxxx.

  12. An evening well spent. Come get your fix! Open xxxxx.

  13. Views from the xxxx. Come enjoy lunch or dinner with us today!

  14. Hey friends! Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We do what we love because of you! Thank you!

  15. Need (lunch, brunch, dinner, etc) plans this week….

  16. Just wait till you taste it!

  17. Not your average…

  18. TGIF! Treat yourself to a platter of…., you deserve it!

  19. Why have one when you can have two…

  20. Lunch goals!

  21. Have you tried the …. ?

  22. This always hits the spot!

  23. SPECIAL ALERT: Dinner is calling!

  24. I spy a juicy burger with your name on it. Tag someone below to join you!

  25. ⚠️ WARNING: One bite of this and you’re hooked for life!

  26. Tag someone you would always share your dessert with 👇

  27. @….. juicy burger for lunch is always a good idea (and for dinner too).

  28. What’s your favorite dish at …….? 👇

  29. The best way to start your weekend is at …. Tag someone you’d consider sharing this with 👇

  30. Drop a 😍 below if you find it hard to decide what to order and would love to just sample it all!

  31. We hope your week is a good as the …..

  32. You aren’t dreaming this is real life!

  33. Care to share? Tag a friend that you want to share a platter with 👇

  34. You just figured out what you’re eating for dinner

  35. Need Lunch plans?

Last, but Not Least: How Restaurants Should Use Hashtags

Now that you are armed with all the caption ideas you could possibly need, don’t forget the perfect hashtags. Hashtags, done right, expand your exposure and add additional search words for your posts. The key is to make them relevant and as niche as possible. You really want to drill down to a more narrow and specific market with your keywords. Do your research first and choose hashtags that represent your ideal client and restaurant keywords and your audience size. If your account has 5,000 followers, for example, you do not want to choose a hashtag with hundreds of thousand of posts as yours will never be seen.

Alright, dig in and get started with those captions! Those captions can help attract your ideal customers and employees and keep them engaged with your posts.