How Boredom is Actually Your Friend

No one sets out to be bored in life. And many find themselves bored and running from it. And, that is because boredom is often misunderstood. Boredom, however, is not something to be feared or dreaded or something swept away without thought. Boredom is something, when understood and embraced, enhances life. It can lead to fulfillment. You will come to see boredom as your great friend in this life. Let’s take a look at why.

Beating boredom by adding an idea equals happy

What Boredom Really Means

To most people boredom is a negative term. It is something that causes dread and feelings resembling depression. Boredom can leave you feeling sluggish and uninspired. Even feeling compelled to eat junk foods, binge watch tv or endlessly scroll social media.

Boredom has been known to lead to crying and sadness. Even feelings of hopelessness. Yes, the throws of boredom are real. The depths which no one likes to journey. It often feels like quicksand, the longer you stay there, the deeper you sink.

Boredom can easily expand from a matter of minutes to a full day to a week to a year to a lifetime. Then, life just drags on.

And, any time a person is in pain, they look for ways to avoid it or escape it.

The same is true with boredom. For most, escaping is the easy answer. They delve into anything that will whisk them away. Electronics are an easy respite with their instant accessibility. Some resort to purchases or jobs or jaunts or relationships or drugs or alcohol.

Anything to ease the pain of boredom. To fill their lives with….something, anything.

You see, most times though, it is not actual fulfillment they end up obtaining. Boredom is most times filled with a quick fix. And the problem with the quick fix is it is not a fix at all. Only a band aid. That is why a busy life and new purchases or trips or changes only leave you engaged and excited for a day or two. Then, you are right back where you were. Looking for the next fix. The next rush. Something to take the boredom away.

The thing is boredom is simply misunderstood. It is not something to avoid. It is something to embrace.

Boredom is simply a little friend tapping you on your shoulder reminding you there is more to life.

It is your inner self saying, “hey, we have a purpose here, let’s dive in and pursue it.”

It’s telling you, there is indeed more to your life than you are currently experiencing.

How to Embrace Boredom for Your Good

So, where do you go from here? Now that you know boredom is not something to simply ignore or fill with platitudes. It is time to realize boredom is instead simply a reminder. An attention getter. A motivator. The question is, what do you do about it?

How do you make the most of boredom and her messages? How do you embrace boredom and listen and learn from her?

It all starts with trying to first unravel and understand what brought you to the depths of boredom in the first place? It begins with understanding a little more about yourself. Seeing and unraveling what is the surface issue that has awakened boredom?

Ask yourself, are you bored with the monotony of life? Always doing the same thing, day and day out?

Do you feel bogged down and strapped in place due to the circumstances of your life?

Do you feel energy and potential surging through your body that you feel is untapped and needs an outlet?

Do you think it’s due to a lack of (or in) a relationship?

Do you feel trapped by a false life? Living a life that doesn’t feel like you?

You get the idea, ask yourself why you think you are feeling bored. Why has boredom come knocking on your door?

And, why is this question important? You must first dig a little to start to hear what boredom is telling you. To understand what she is trying to show you. The more you understand this, the quicker you will discover her lessons.

How to Use Boredom to Find Ongoing Interest

Once you have found your surface answer above, think of it as a door. A door that leads the way to a path filled with interest and intrigue. The very purpose of boredom is to lead us to our own purpose. Yes, that is why boredom is there tapping you on your shoulder. It is beckoning you in to discover your purpose in life. Leading you to the path of filling that purpose for a life fulfilled.

It is in discovering your purpose in life you will uncover your true passions and interests in life. They will ultimately be tied to your overarching purpose that then drives your life.

You will find yourself discovering things that are innately yours—areas of deep interest that have been giving you hints all of your life.

You will find what truly inspires you and makes you excited to get out of bed each day. What will beckon you out of bed earlier and earlier each day. What supplies you with endless sources of interest and intrigue that are specific to the very core of your soul. To what makes you uniquely you.

So many things in your life will start to make more sense. Every action and decision will be tied to what you discover going forward in life. You will no longer wonder what to do or find your self sulking on the sofa or pacing the floor with uncertainty.


Treasure those bouts of boredom and lean in to them. Do not run from them or try to erase them. Take the moment to ask what she is trying to show you. Ask, what am I uniquely here to do? What are my true passions? What are my true interests? What fires me up and excites me? Where do these all intersect?


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