How to Live Each Day to the Fullest

It’s easy to reach the end of a day and feel tired, unmotivated and even bored. It’s easy to look back over the day and see monotony or lack luster. What we all want is to live each day filled with excitement, meaning and fulfillment. We want to end the day feeling like it mattered. We at least want to feel it was interesting. That’s the quandary. In the midst of the every day, how do we live each day to the fullest?

Signs You are NOT Living Life to the Fullest

  1. Often Bored

  2. Spending hours each day watching tv, scrolling social media, sleeping in or napping

  3. You can’t remember the last time you did something new

  4. You rarely do something for the fun of it

  5. You don’t take chances or push for personal growth

  6. You steer away from anything uncomfortable

  7. You have no idea what your purpose is in this life


What it Means to Live a Fulfilling Life

At some point in life most of us stop and look at our lives and wonder if it matters. Does it have meaning. We ponder our purpose for being here. Our purpose in the larger scheme of life. We wonder if there is more to life than what we are experiencing. Are we making the most of our one precious life.

{Are you making the most of your one precious life?}

At our core most of us want to feel like our life has meaning. It has purpose. And, it is through this meaning and purpose we tend to feel fulfilled.

The definition of fulfilled is “satisfied or happy because of fully developing one's abilities or character.”

In the definition lies the key to a fulfilled life. It implies we are active in this life. Active, developing and growing in a way that is unique to oneself. It is all about developing and living our unique paths. What makes us tick. What makes us excited. Developing the talents we have and sharing them with the world.


How to Live Each Day to the Fullest

So, what does this look like on a daily basis? It first starts with understanding and knowing yourself. Life often pushes us from birth down a certain path. This path is not necessarily one we have chosen ourselves. Instead, it is often what the world around us thinks would be best for us.

{Are you living your best life or someone else’s?}

Often times this is born out of good intentions, although flawed. The experiences and regrets of our parents or teachers or relatives or society are cast upon us as the “right way” to proceed in life. We are presented and sometimes told the “best” way to do life and a picture of failure is painted for anything outside of this.

Most times this does not take the desires or innate abilities or passions of the individual in mind. Instead, we are funneled through a system ill designed for the masses. We then end up years, decades, maybe an entire lifetime down a path that leaves us drained and well, unfulfilled.

This brings us back to how to live each day to the fullest. First, stop and take some time to discover what you truly enjoy. Rediscover your innate talents and what lights you up. In short, take the time to find your purpose in this life and then live it out.

You do not have to upend your entire life. Living your purpose does not have to be your career, although that is nice. It mainly lies in approaching each day as if it is your last. I know that sounds cliche. Do not dismiss it. Spend some time quietly pondering this. If you were on your deathbed, would you be happy with your life thus far?

Then, seek to fill each day with activities that fill you with joy. That make you feel good on some natural level. That make you feel like you gave this life your all—for yourself and those you love. That you made the most of your talents and shared with others. That you somehow lifted someone up that day. End each day knowing you cared for yourself, for others, your community, the world—in some way.

A day filled with growth and service to yourself and others will certainly feel like a day lived to the fullest.



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