How to Reach Any Goal Easily

It can be boggling and frustrating to look around and see others easily reaching a goal that you continually struggle with. It can also be encouraging, when viewed from a different perspective. If they have reached it, it is reachable. The key question is how can you reach it with ease? The good news is, reaching your goals is not as allusive as it may seem. It does not take sheer willpower or a super power. There are three key steps to reaching any goal with ease.

Woman on mountain top after reaching a goal with ease

Defining Your Goal

Your first step is defining your goal. This may seem simple, but it is a step most people overlook and do not define thoroughly. Your goal needs to be specific, be measurable and have meaning to you.

To be specific think beyond, “I want to loose weight.” Although that seems specific, it does not actually define your real goal. To define your goal, you must get to your why. Why do you want to loose 40 pounds? And, the first answer you arrive at is likely still not your actual why. You’ll need to dig a little deeper to find your true why for any goal. This was a lesson I learned in a $2,000 coaching program that I now teach as the first step in all of my courses and my Life CEO program. It is powerful and life changing.

Now that you know your real why, you are able to set a specific measurable goal. Being able to measure it allows you to know when you have reached it, specifically. For example, understanding your why, you may have set a goal to be in the best health of your life so that you are able to enjoy life with your grandkids. To do that, one of your goals is to eat healthy with ease so that you can lose 40lbs to improve your health. There are now two things to track and measure in that equation. Eating healthy and losing 40lbs.

The same principle applies to any goal you should choose. Getting a promotion or starting a business, exercising, having more meaningful connections, improving your marriage, getting toned. You get the idea. Literally anything you choose will take the same path.

The Science of How to Reach Any Goal

The next step is to understand the science behind any area in which you have a goal to reach. Let’s take food and fitness, for example. These are two areas filled with a never ending amount of contradictory information about what you should and should not do to become healthy and fit—to have a body that heals itself and fuels your life.

Most of what we think we know about food and fitness (and other areas) is comprised of information we learned at an early age and never questioned. The remainder of the information is from the marketing teams behind the myriad products and programs that want you to buy their stuff. Some of it is even based on outdated “scientific” studies that are now shown to be false.

Science and its understanding of how the body works has made tremendous new discoveries and advances in the last few years alone. There is a lot that we know and understand today that simply was not known or mainstream even last year.

The important step here is you must know the simple truth of the science behind your goal. Look beyond the marketing messages. For example, if you are looking to eat healthier and think it will be done through a diet, you are doomed to fail, yet again. It does not matter what that diet is, it will not get you there and keep you there.

If your goal is to get fit and you think you need to go to the gym every day or start a rigorous work out program or work harder than before, you are doomed to fail, yet again.

These are two examples of how outdated and incorrect information keeps so many people on the side lines of reaching their goal of better health with ease.

Do your homework. Research. Get to the bottom of what the science says it takes for any goal. What food is really needed to be healthy? What is healthy food? Are shakes or bars healthy—even the ones that say they are? Is meat or eggs or milk healthy? How do you choose? Which foods cause cancer or fight against it? Which contribute to heart disease or heal it? Same with fitness or any goal, know the facts.

I spent several years, every day, all day, researching these very things across five different foundational categories that we all need in order to thrive and live our best life. I was amazed at the disinformation and confusion that circulates for something that should be so simple and accessible to everyone. That is why this field has become my life’s work.

This second step, is to know the facts. The truth. The simple way. Otherwise it will not be easy or sustainable. I don’t know about you, but I want to reach my goals and put them on autopilot so I can live the rest of this life to the full.

Plan for Success and Failure

The third and final step is the plan. Your plan must include success and failure. We are all human so there will be areas of failure on your way to success. Once you have