How You’re Making Exercise Too Hard

We know we need to move our bodies. We know we feel better and look better when we do. Why, then do we not do it? The short answer is we tend to make it too hard. Too difficult. Then, we become unmotivated. Even deflated. Exercise becomes drudgery and just one more thing we don’t have time for. Good news is there’s a much easier way to get and stay fit.

Signs You are Making Exercise Too Hard

Let’s jump right in and take a look at the signs that you are indeed simply making exercise too hard.

  1. You simply don’t do it.

  2. You make excuses for why you can’t do it today.

  3. You compare your results to others and then quit.

  4. You’re exhausted when you complete a workout.

  5. You’re so sore and tired the day or two after a workout you quit.

  6. You have to use an app to exercise.

  7. You have to go to a gym or class and be instructed on what to do.

  8. You use the weather as an excuse not to exercise.

  9. You think you have to sweat and stink to exercise and skip it.

  10. You continue to struggle with weight and lack of energy.


How You Make Exercise Too Hard

First, don’t feel alone here because you are not. Most people are making exercise too hard—or much harder than it has to be. These are a few of the ways you are are making it too difficult.

1. The Plan

Some people make such a staggering plan they never get started or simply can not keep up with it. This could look like an exercise program you found online or was given to you by a trainer. One that you had to write down or record perhaps. One that you have to refer to (or go somewhere for) every single day just to know what to do. In this case, you are creating mental exhaustion before you ever move a limb of your body. Then, on days when you are already tired or busy, it is extremely easy to skip the workout because you simply do not have the mental space left to do it.

{If you have to refer to a plan or app or go somewhere just to exercise, you are making it too hard}

2. More Rigorous than Needed

This one is huge. We are constantly bombarded with the latest fitness craze or certain workout circuit that is “the one” these days. It always involves a lot of crazy jumping up and down or hard to perform movements or pounding the pavement or lots of sweating or weight lifting or loads of time switching from one movement to another. Maybe even all of the above. You jump in, determined to make it work this time. Instead you find yourself worn slap out. Maybe it’s invigorating at first, but it is simply too difficult (or time consuming) to fit it in everyday. And, more than that, it just isn’t needed.

{You don’t have to sweat and wear yourself out for exercise to be effective}

{If the only time you are exercising, you are sweating and wearing yourself out, you’re making it too hard}

3. More is the Only Way

Someone else has had tremendous results with a strenuous workout and you think that is what you have to do. Maybe they are heavy into Crossfit or another trainer’s 30 minute or hour long routine or maybe they walk or run for miles and miles every day. Whatever it is, it appears to be working for them. You jump in and try it. It doesn’t work for you so you stop all together. You think if they are doing it that way and it’s not working for you, then why do it. Less time or reps certainly wouldn’t be helpful if their full workout isn’t doing it for you.

{When it comes to exercise, more is not the answer}

{Just because something worked for one person, doesn’t mean it will work that way for you. Find your way}


What to Do Instead

Good news is there is another way. Studies have shown we do not need crazy workouts every day to make a difference in our fitness. To loose weight. To keep it off. And mostly, to be healthier and to live longer.

{You don’t have to look like a crazy person when you exercise for it to be effective}

What is actually needed is a shift in mindset. Thinking of movement through the day instead of exercise. And, movement is the key. Not earth shattering pounding of the ground and pouring of sweat. No, simple natural movement through the day. Yes, natural movement.

The areas where the longest lived people reside around the world simply move their bodies in natural ways through the day. They don’t “exercise” as we know it today. Movement is simply a lifestyle.


The key to effective exercise is to keep it simple. Keep to natural movements you can do any where, any time. And, make a simple plan so you know how you will make changes to incorporate this movement into your every day.

Then it will become routine (like your morning bathroom routine where you likely use the rest room, maybe brush your teeth and wash your face). Whatever you do, it is on autopilot. That is what you want to create here. That simple. That easy. Exercise that works is simply a lifestyle of movement that is natural and takes care of itself.