Signs You Are Living a Bored Life

Living your best life starts with a life fulfilled—not bored. Boredom is one of those things with two sides. Some boredom is actually good for you. And, boredom can ignite creativity and breakthroughs as you allow your mind to wander and relax.

On the opposite side, a life filled with boredom is where instead of seeing what the boredom is telling you and then taking action, you seek to escape it. This latter is what leads to living a bored life. There are five clear signs you may be living a bored life. Let’s take a look at the 5 signs and see if they apply to you.

Excessively sleeping a sign of boredom

1. Sleeping In or Excessively

When you have no reason to get up out of bed, well, you tend to just stay there. You sleep in and / or take naps through the day. This in turn can lead to staying up late (and really being bored) and not being able to sleep. The entire cycle perpetuates itself and adds to sluggishness through the day. Having something exciting or purposeful in your life will wake you early with excitement.

2. Spending Most of Your Time on Your Phone

There is mindless activity at the beck and call right in your pocket that feeds your boredom. If you find yourself on your phone numerous times throughout the day—for social media, games, videos, constant searching, or even binge tv watching—yep, you are likely living a bored life. There is nothing in your life that excites you or pulls you to other activities. Instead, you sit on the sofa and surf the readily available “entertainment.”

This constant influx of stimulation does not give your brain the chance to relax, feel the boredom and decide what to do about it. That is, what you really want to do about it—what actually excites you and propels you. Instead, this instant access actually feeds your boredom instead of solving it.

3. No Personal Interests

When asked about your hobbies or what you love to do, you have a hard time answering. You’re not real sure. If you do have an answer, the follow up question would be, when was the last time you did that for fun or how often do you do it? Something of true interest drives you. It calls to you. You can’t wait to get to it and spend some time on it. You are excited to share about it.

4. “Nothing”

That’s your response when someone asks, “what did you do today?” It’s always the same answer. Nothing really. When your life is full of interest and intrigue you most always have something of interest to report. It doesn’t have to be life changing, but you see interest all around you in numerous things and ways each day.

5. Can’t Wait for the Day to End

If you are looking at your clock wondering if it is an acceptable time to go to bed simply so you can end the day, yep, you may be living a bored life. Ideally, you’d be looking at the clock because you are tired from a day of intrigue and ready to sleep and restore your body so you can get the next day started. You are excited to go to bed and to wake up each day.


The good news is if you found yourself relating to any of the 5 signs above, you can change this. There is more to life and you can live a life full of interest and intrigue. It is completely in your control. And, it is only up to you.

No person, thing, experience or place can “make” you feel fulfilled or not bored. You get to do that. And, it is easier than you think. The key is tapping into your purpose in life—and letting it guide and propel your every move. This will fuel you with hours and days and years and an entire life filled with passion, interest and intrigue. So, ask yourself, what is it you really like to do and what is it you really want to do with this life you have?


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Signs You Are Living a Bored Life

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