Simplify Social Media Marketing for a Personal Brand

Social media is a major player in today’s marketing landscape and it is here to stay for the foreseeable future. It can be overwhelming trying to decide what to post, when and where. It can also turn into hours spent spiraling down the social scrolls lost in other worlds. Here’s how to simplify social media marketing and reduce the time it takes to make an impact whether you're an entrepreneur or small business of any sort.

Young female hands typing on laptop at desk

Where to Show Up on Social Media

There are so many options and new ones being added seemingly every day. Even new options inside the already popular formats. As soon as you think you have figured one out, it adds shiny new must-use features. Or an altogether new platform is all the rage.

Cue “keeping up with the jones” syndrome. They are doing it, so I better do it too. Oh my goodness, they are on everything (all caps) and using videos, photos, stills, quotes, blogs, stories, reels, and I can’t even identify some of those other things!

Stop. Pause. Breathe.

Take inventory.

Who are you and what are your strengths? What platforms do you enjoy most already? Are you more of a writer or videographer? Where are your clients showing up?

Write down each platform available and rank them based on how you personally use them, how your strengths could be used and your knowledge of them.

You may now have an idea of at least where to start. It is okay to start small. Pick just one or two and own those. Then branch out.

*TIP: much of what you post on Instagram can be shared straight onto Facebook—two birds one stone.


What to Post on Social Media

Here is what stumps most people the most. It can be debilitating trying to figure out what to post that is actually on brand and benefits your business. Yes, anyone can throw random posts up and call it a day. But, does it serve your brand? Does it serve your clients? Does it build your business?

The bottom line is you want to post what will benefit your client. What will serve them and answer their pain point. Do this in a way that is authentic to you and to them.

Define your categories: I like to set 5 categories I pull from. These can be a combination of what you are known for (usually more than one thing), your actual products and calls to action, something personal (building like, know, trust). Aim for 3 things your business is known for (what are you the authority on), 1 for personal and 1 for sales. This will cover 5 days. That’s Monday-Friday with 1 post per day. You’ll post every day if possible so just start the flow over again or add 1 more to sales or a customer review, or personal, etc.

*NOTE: For a brick and mortar or business brand your categories may differ significantly. For Restaurants, see this article here for more on what to post and when.

Once you know your categories, filling the posts and information should become much simpler and time efficient. You’ll then decide what medium is best suited to your brand and accompany with a photo or video or word photos, etc.


How to Create and Schedule to Save Time

Repurpose is the name of the game here. This is what makes all the difference in time conservation, your sanity and also in serving your client.

You work hard on a blog post or video or vlog hit publish and that’s it. No! That information you worked hard on is a gold mine of social media data. One blog post alone can garner at least 10 different social media posts and maybe more.

In addition, remember that on 6% of your followers see a post at any given time. So, just because you posted it does not mean all of your clients now know it. They are also bombarded with media and messages all day everyday. They will forget or even miss important things you share. Reshare them.

1. Repurpose Material

Whether you blog, vlog or video, you have content already. Reuse it. Repurpose it. If you do not have one of these mediums in place on your own site, start there. Then, take bite size tips and information from each blog (or vlog or video) and turn them into a post to share on your social channels.

2. Re-share Posts

Look to see which posts resonated with your audience and tweak them to re-offer them. Change up the wording and add a new photo or caption and share a month later.

3. Continuous Stream

If you are producing a new blog or video every week (or twice per week) you have more than enough material for social media. Think of social media as simply a place to share snippets of your long form content.

4. Block Time

Set aside time in bulk on your calendar every week or even once per month that you dedicate to producing social media content. This will be a day you dedicate sole to creating and scheduling your social posts for the entire month (or a matter of hours if producing weekly). Do this OFFLINE. Not on the actual app. If you re on the app itself distractions will easily take all of your time. Make these posts from your blogs or videos and add the visuals or supporting texts for each day of the month (based on your 5 categories).

5. Schedule

I highly recommend a scheduling app to post your content on a consistent basis. You can load your content, add hashtags, links and schedule the posts all form one place. Then, sit back and watch them roll out while you go about your other business (or free time).

6. Check-In

It is also important to engage on the platforms you choose. Make sure to schedule your posts during times you will be available to log in to each platform and commit 15 minutes or so to respond and interact with followers.


Follow these simple tips to simplify social media and you'll be on your way to being an onset entrepreneur focusing on their business and not tied to it. One that is set to thrive in their business—all so you can live your best life now!