The Only 4 Ways You’ll Need to Find Time for Exercise

You know exercise will benefit your health and longevity. You want and intend to do it. Time just keeps getting in the way. Whether it is work, other commitments, kids, family, there are a million things that can eat our day away and leave us feeling overwhelmed, tired and behind. Exercise is just one more thing that seems impossible to fit in. Luckily, there are 4 key ways to make this shift easy and routine.

1. Terminology Mindset

The best way to find more time for exercise is to shift your mindset. Before you click off this page, at least read this one paragraph. Shift the thought from “exercise” to “movement” and you will be half way there. Exercise brings with it a connotation of drudgery and another task. It also conjures a gym, or a class, or 30 minutes or an hour, certain clothes and time you simply do not have. Movement, however, can be done anywhere, anytime. It can be done at home, in your office, with your kids, while cooking or having a meeting.You simply need to move more through your regular day.

2. Part of Your Normal Day

This piggy backs on the first step. The goal is to simply make it a part of your every day with normal movements through the day. Work from a standing desk and do leg lifts while researching or writing. When you wait for the microwave or the water to warm at the sink or the timer to go off, do a set of squats or leg lifts. Move from side to side and fidget (yes, it’s a real thing). Break down into 1-2 minutes increments even hour (every one can do that). Stop and walk around or do bodyweight exercises.

3. Schedule It

If you set out to plan for more movement and schedule it you will find the time. Look to low hanging fruit such as time spent on social media or watching tv. Take a small 10 minute time slot from those to take a walk, do yoga, or body weight exercises. You may even put a time tracker on your phone to see how much time you spend on electronics. You will likely be surprised, most people are. Once you see this amount of time, taking a mere 10 minutes will be vey day. You could also walk while you surf or listen to a podcast. Stand and move while you watch tv. If you have no time spent on social, tv or electronics, look to your calendar for anything you could substitute just 10 minutes a day. The key is to then schedule it just like you would a meeting or a meal. Your movement is one of the most important things in having optimal health and longevity and you must plan for it.

4. Earlier

If you still can not find any time in your day for scheduled movement, get up earlier. Just 10 minutes can make a difference. Wake just 10 minutes earlier and take a quick walk or do yoga before starting your day. Do it first thing before you are distracted with the demands of the day.

We make time for what is important to us.

Take some time to think about why you really want to exercise or move more. Why do you want to be in better shape or have better health or live longer? When you can drill down to the why behind the what you will have all the motivation you need. And with that, you will indeed find the time.There is bound to be something less important you are currently giving time. If not, you will think of moving your body more creatively through the course of the day. You can do this!