Utilizing Your Social Media Bio Profile to Attract More Clients & Employees

What if I told you there’s an underused area of your social media account that could generate more exposure to your ideal clients and potential employees? Well, you guessed it. It’s your social media bio or profile area. Let’s take a look at how and why this area needs to be optimized.

How to Optimize Your Social Media Bio Profiles

  1. This little area is searchable on each of the platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc). That means the information you use in this section is as precious as SEO used on your website or on blogs.

  2. Think keywords when deciding what to say in this section. (No stuffing, just authentic). What would your client be searching for in a search engine if they were looking for you?

  3. Make sure it is up to date. Review this section every 6 months and make any relevant changes.

8 Key Things to Put in Your Restaurant Bio to Attract More Customers and Employees

  1. Use the word “restaurant” and your city in your bio name on Instagram. (Mya’s Seafood Restaurant | Your City)

  2. Tell what type of restaurant you have in the name if possible.

  3. If you have a tagline that is compelling and speaks to your brand, us it.

  4. Tell what kind of food and experience a customer can expect.

  5. List hours if simple

  6. If you have an event space, say so.

  7. If you have monthly wine dinners or specials, say so.

  8. Direct them to your web link for a call to action on the last line. This could be to sign up for an event, apply for a job, etc.

Bear in mind, the number of characters is limited to 150 on Instagram so be concise.

Here’s an example:

Mya’s Seafood Restaurant | Peachtree City

Fresh Seafood Flown in Daily

White-jacket service + Wine Dinners

Seasonal Menus + Event space

Tues-Sun: lunch & dinner

Events, Dinners, Specials, Hrs>

So, searchable keywords would include: Seafood, Restaurant, Peachtree City, Wine Dinner, Seasonal Menu, Hours, Event Space. You’re also telling your potential customer about the experience, your values, and offerings.

Why Searchable Keywords in Your Restaurant Bio Matter

All of these searchable keywords tell the social media platform algorithms who and where you are plus what you offer. This allows your page to be found when someone is using the search feature inside the app, just like on Google. If your bio area is left blank or filled with fluff, or accolades, it does nothing to drive traffic to your page or restaurant. Do not take your cues from big famous influencers you follow. They are already famous with a tremendous following so they no longer need to utilize this space (although they should).

The key is to use all of the space provided to you. It makes you more searchable, increasing the number of people you may reach and it also gives your potential customer or new employee a quick glimpse of what you stand for.