What is Your Best Life?

Your best life is the make-up of the very things, experiences and feelings that speak to you. That call you. Individually. The most important part of your best life is that it is yours. It starts and ends with you. And since it is yours, no one can tell you exactly what it looks like. Your best life is likely to vary from mine or your colleague or your neighbor. Your best life is all about what drives you and calls to you from the deepest level inside you.

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What Your Best Life Does Not Include

Let’s look first at what your best life does not include. I could list a litany of items here that I think are not included, but that would only be my personal list of what is not included for me. I, nor anyone else, can tell you what your best life includes, does not include or should or should not include.

I could list that it does not include things. Fancy cars or houses or a perfect marriage or travel or any number of examples I could think of. But, I would only be describing one opinion of what a best life looked like.

What it certainly does not include is what anyone else or the world at large tells you, your best life “should or should not” include. Only you can decide that for yourself.

When people try to tell you what your best life should or should not include, I think they are merely trying to suggest where they think you will or will not find actual meaning in life. That is an area worth pursing as well—and is also completely unique to you—and can help you in determining what your best life looks life, if you would also like it to be fulfilling.

What Your Best Life Includes

Your best life will include the things that call to you on a personal level. It most certainly will be at its peek when you are living out your purpose in life. That really is at the root of the entire premise. Your best life will be filled with what calls to you.

When understood from all levels it will likely be grounded in what you would like to feel on a daily basis. Do you want to feel freedom, fulfilled, love, patience, abundance, connection, inspiration, purpose? Only you can say for sure.

From there you will build your life plan. You will build outward and start to envision what that would look like for you. What experiences would be fulfilling and interesting to you on a deep meaningful level? This alone can seem a simple question, yet, so many people can not answer it. Many have been living on auto-pilot chasing what the world tells them they should for so long, they are no longer in touch with what really intrigues them at their core.

These people could be living a seemingly happy life of luxury and yet feel overwhelmed, stressed, bored, or unfulfilled. This is because they are living someone else’s version of a best life—or maybe the generic facade of marketing messages of the world. They have not yet tapped in to the age-old debate of happiness vs meaning.

Once you have identified what you would like to feel each day & how that would look in terms of living each day, you are armed with the ideals of your best life. You can then start to walk that out.

What You’ll Need to Live Your Best Life

In my extensive research of what it means to live your best life—to live and feel fulfilled in this life—I have found there are 5 key things you will need in order to actually live that life out to the full. None of these include anything you can buy. But, I think we can all agree on their necessity.

No matter what your best life looks like when lived out, it will likely include being healthy and having the energy to live it out each day. It will likely include the people you care about and deep, meaningful connections. It will likely include feeling a sense of meaning, purpose, fulfillment, interest and intrigue in your days.

You see, if you are unhealthy and sickly, you are not at your best. When battling an ailment, most of your energy goes there. It limits what you are able to do in life—and even what you feel.

In addition to your physical & mental health, studies show your connections in life add great value. We are relational beings and seek connection with others in different ways. Our ability to communicate with ourselves and with others determines the type of relationships we have in every part of our life. At the end of our time here, it will be the people in our lives, after all, that have made it the most meaningful.

5 Foundations to Thrive in Life

To this end, I have identified five key foundations that we need in order to thrive in this life—to live our best life; our ultimate life. Unfortunately, most people spend the majority of their life struggling with these areas instead of living their life to the full. These five areas are food, fitness, purpose, recharge and connections. If you can learn to master those areas and put them on autopilot so they serve you instead of you serving them, you will have freed the cache of time most spend their lifetime struggling with in life—to instead use it to live life to the full.

These five foundations are essential to your having the health, energy, longevity, direction, meaning, and connections to live your best life. Without any of these, your focus is diverted. When these are mastered, they run in the background. They no longer deplete your energy reserves. Instead, these foundations when mastered fuel your life and add to your freedom.

Ask yourself, could your health be better? Your connections? Your purpose or interest or meaning in life? Could any of these be better? Do you struggle in any of these areas? Are they serving and fueling you or are they your master?

Now that you know how to find out what your best life includes, looks and feels like, what it does not include and what you will need to live that out, where will you start to plan your best life?

I can not tell you what your best life should look like. What I can do is show you the simple steps to master the foundations of life so that you can stop struggling with the every day and get to living life to the full…your way—your best life. If you’re ready to master those areas, you’ll find more information here>

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