Why Finding Life Purpose is Important

We all come with a purpose. Could you imagine receiving an instrument that could literally change your life in a multitude of remarkable ways and yet you simply did not know what it was capable of—so you left it in the box. Yet, there were directions right inside the box all along. Same is true for you. Your life purpose is already in you—and is waiting on you to uncover it—and with it, a whole host of life benefits.

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What it means to find life purpose.

We all have a purpose in this life. It is with us from the beginning and is what gives meaning to life. To truly live life to the fullest extent we must be aware of our purpose and live it out every day.

Everyone has one, but not everyone is aware of theirs. And, not everyone lives their purpose out. This is wasted opportunity for them and the world. Your unique purpose will benefit not only the quality of your own life, but also those around you or even the world.

You see, life purpose is the reason for which the existence of an individual human is created.

According to definition it is the reason for which you or I were born. And, your purpose is uniquely yours; mine uniquely mine. It is within us, a part of us from conception (and some would say even before as intention).

Your purpose shows itself in the form of your innate skills and joys in life. You will know when you see it because it will make complete sense. You will see the pattern from an early age. It has shown itself in subtle ways through out your entire life and is what makes you uniquely you.

The fact that your purpose is already in you, a part of you like your DNA, means it is not something you create. It is already there. You simply have to slow down, to inquire and be aware of yourself to realize or notice what is uniquely yours.

This noticing, realizing and acknowledging is what is referred to as “finding” your life purpose. Your life purpose was never lost and need of being found, it has been there all along waiting on you to shine attention on and acknowledge it.

There are 10 life changing benefits

There are numerous benefits to uncovering your life purpose. Here are the primary benefits you will see.

1. Focus & Clarity

When you know your purpose in this life you gain laser focus. Everything seems to make sense and fall in place. It is the foundation for your life goals and worthy pursuits in life. When you know the why behind the what you have all the clarity you need.

2. Passion

When living your purpose, you are now pursuing what you were made for and you feel it. The very act connects with your inner soul—it just makes sense. It leaves you excited to get the day going, every day. It is the only motivation you will ever need.

3. Gratitude

A deep sense of gratitude comes with knowing and living out your life purpose. It connects with you on such a deep level you can not help but to feel gratitude each and every day. Gratitude that you get to “do this” each and every day. That something that fills you so fully also benefits others. Gratitude that you get to serve others in such a meaningful and joyous way. Gratitude to God for such a clever design.

4. Fulfillment

When living your life purpose, you are living life in complete harmony with how and why you were made—it’s complete and total fulfillment. You have focus, clarity, passion and gratitude each day. That is deep meaning in your life and complete fulfillment.

5. Strong Values

With purpose, your life has intention and flow. You know why you are here and are pursuing it. You are loving life and will have an innate inner will to protect it. Living on purpose rips away the need or desire for idle distractions, escapes or temptations that do not align with your life goals. Those values become stronger and stronger as you know with clarity what it takes to live your life as intended.

6. More fun

Yes, a life with purpose means more fun too. This will look different for each person and may not meet another person’s idea of fun, but it will resonate with each person. When following your unique purpose there is a deep driving force and connection to all you know to be true that emanates a true enjoyment, more fun, in your daily pursuits. A true joy in the benefits it brings you and others.

7. Be Healthier & Live Longer

As a nice side benefit, numerous studies show that a life lived with intention and purpose yield many health benefits with a longer, healthier and more connected life span. So not only will you have fun doing it, but you very well may live longer along the way. (1, 2)

8. Helpful

A natural part of living out your purpose will include helping others. It is not something you “have” to do or figure out. It will be evident and simply a part of living on purpose. You will gain the joy, passion and fulfillment that comes from helping others simply by gaining the same as you experience life on purpose.

9. Better Role Model

We are all role models. The question is what are you showing and encouraging to those around you? Living your life on purpose makes you a “better” role model in the sense you will be displaying generosity, passion, fulfillment, values, fun, health, gratitude, clarity and focus. That sounds like a pretty good example to set.

10. Flow

This one sums all of the benefits. A life lived with purpose is a life lived in a state of flow. You know why you are here and have focus. In your generosity to the others, to yourself for allowing this, in your gratitude to God and to all things, the flow of life continues to and through you. It just simply feels right.

How to live life with purpose

Once you have uncovered your purpose, you will look to see how it could manifest and be used in your daily life. The exact how of it may change through your life, but the why and the foundation will always remain the same.

Light bulbs will go off and you will see how to incorporate it into your daily life immediately. For some it becomes the base of their “profession” and for others it unveils in different ways.

The key is to simply allow your purpose to guide everything you do. And, this isn’t some new-age answer or delusional look at life. Your purpose will make crystal clear sense to you when you uncover it and will involve real, tangible skills and traits inside you. You will then simply embrace those and live them out. It will be the beginning of a life fulfilled.


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