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You want interest and intrigue in your days. To live with meaning. With Passion. With Connection. You simply want to live a fulfilled, exciting and impactful life that matters. 

You want to wake each morning excited for the day and all it holds. You want to look forward to your days and adventures. You want to be filled with energy and wonder and intrigue. You want to have fun with this one life. You want to feel good, hopeful and engrossed in your life. And, you want it to matter.


You don’t want to be bored with life. You don’t want to be depressed or unenthused. You don’t want to be tired and unmotivated. You don’t want to live on auto pilot. You don’t want to get to the end of your days and know there was more to be lived in this life—and you missed it.


You simply know there is more to this life and you want to experience it to the full—to thrive in this life and live your best life now.

2 girls taking selfies looking for life fulfilled

The problem is you think you will find the answers in more activities.

That is what we see all around us. What the media promises us. We see happy, smiling faces in ads, on tv and all across social media. Smiling faces of people “doing” something. 


We are bombarded with messages that say we will be fulfilled, if you just do this or that, or with the question “have you tried doing this yet?” And, yes, you have. And, you still feel unfulfilled. Bored. Unenthused. Uninterested.

What you don’t realize is most people around you haven’t figured it out yet either. Yet, we follow them for our example. We assume they are happy and fulfilled because their social feeds say so.


We think everyone else has figured it out because their calendars are so full with all kinds of activities and seemingly cool things. But, those things and activities do nothing to stimulate you. 


And yet, you have no idea where to start to figure this out. Where to look. And, you don’t have time for a year of meditation and “finding” yourself. 

you wonder why you are CONFUSED about what to do to feel interest, intrigue, excitement, purpose and meaning in life. 


Finding purpose and meaning CAN be easy, quick & simple.

You just have to know where to start. Where to look. What to retain. What to ignore. And, what to forget. 

And, don't let that sound overwhelming. It isn't.

woman content with hands out living best life


The Purpose Lab

I've taken everything I have learned & experienced over the last 2 decades of studying purpose, interest, intrigue and simple systems and turned it into a no-fluff, easy to implement system that will have you living a fulfilled, exciting and impactful life that matters.

You'll understand exactly how to find purpose and interest in life and how to live that out with ease. 


You'll have the information and know-how for life. No confusion. 

Excitement in your days. Direction. Fulfillment.


Real results. Real life. Real Simple.

I'm handing over the exact step-by-step, simple program I you!


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What's Inside the Lab?

What's Included


Finding Interest

Here you will learn how boredom can actually serve you. A little trick that turns boredom into a life serving tool. We will bust several myths around boredom and teach you to quickly know what to do if it hits.


You will learn why you are actually bored or unenthused with life and what it really means for you. You will learn how boredom and interest relates to identifying your purpose and living a fulfilled life. And, how to use boredom to find and plan for ongoing interest in life.

Woman in sunlight content and fulfilled in life
Woman smiling excited planning best life


Finding Life Purpose

Life purpose is what gives you fulfillment and deep meaning in life. It guides you through life and is what wakes you and propels you out of bed early with excitement each day. It fuels each day with interest, intrigue and meaning.

In this module you will learn what exactly life purpose is and why finding it is important. You will understand the health benefits of finding and living it. You will also learn the difference between purpose and meaning and how to have both.


Know Your Why 

This module covers a powerful exercise that digs deep into your true "why" for any goal. I guarantee you yours is not what you first think. I learned this technique in a $2,000 coaching course—and this one lesson was worth the entire course payment.

You will be able to use this technique with any goal you are setting—financial, food, fitness, relationships, life. It will be key to your life planning to live a fulfilled life that allows you to thrive. You will be amazed at what you uncover and will have all the motivation you will ever need to reach any goal. You will carry this with you for the rest of your life.

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Life Interest Blueprint

We all seek interest and intrigue in this life—and it means different things for different people. In this module we dig deep into developing your own personal interest blueprint. You will quickly and easily be able to identify innate areas of interest you have likely overlooked for years.


These will be key areas of excitement, fascination and life fulfillment for you in your every day. You will know what to do with this information now that you have it and how to continually use this method for a life fulfilled—your best life.


Life Purpose Blueprint

Here we will pull everything together we have learned so far, with a few more revelations to make your very own life purpose blueprint.


By the end of this module you will have identified your innate driving purpose in life and you will know what to do with it. How to start living it out that to live a fulfilled life unique to you—how to live your best life now.

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The Purpose Lab arms you with the no-fluff, easy to implement, and simple to remember tools to identify your life purpose and areas of interest to live a fulfilled, exciting and impactful life now.

The moment you join, you get immediate access to the modules and can get started right away. You will also receive access to the material as long as you are a memeber. Plus, you'll receive any future updates I may make to the program.

Lady writing in life planner

Here's the Type of Info I Cover

How to find interest and intrigue in your every day.

How to be fulfilled no matter your circumstance.

How to have a life with meaning and passion and connection.

How to easily identify, with one simple rule, anytime you feel bored and how to quickly turn it into excitement.

How to find your purpose in this life.

How to easily identify the areas of true innate interest to you

What to do with your purpose once you know it.

How to simply live a fulfilled, exciting and impactful life that matters.

Are You Ready to Thrive? 

And, That's Not All!

When you sign up to the Purpose Lab,

you'll also receive access to all of my courses! 


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Have interest and intrigue in your days. Live with meaning. With Passion. With Connection. Simply live a full, exciting and impactful life that matters. 

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Enjoy the food you eat. Join friends for lunch and eat delicious foods. Have dessert when you want it. Know what & how to eat for energy and health—for wellness and longevity and to fight disease with ease.

2 Minute Fit Lab by Monica Edwards


You just want to be healthy, move freely, have more energy and to look good. Learn how to get and stay fit easily and for it to be simple, quick and natural. 


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