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Sunrise in Charleston SC | Best Places from a Local

As the first blush of dawn kisses the horizon in the Lowcountry, Charleston awakens to an orchestration of colors that transforms the sky into a masterful canvas. There's a certain magic to the break of day here that locals cherish and visitors yearn to capture. In this article, I'm thrilled to guide you through Charleston's best-kept sunrise secrets. Whether you're a photographer aiming for that perfect shot, a romantic planning a memorable morning, or a soul searcher seeking solace in the serene break of day, join me as we journey through the most stunning sunrise locales in our beloved Charleston, SC.

Pink colors in sky at sunrise Sullivans Island Beach Charleston by Monica Edwards
Sunrise at Sullivan's Island Beach in Charleston SC

What Time is Sunrise in Charleston SC

Sunrise comes early on the coast. A little later in winter and then what seems really early for some in the summer. You can find an up-to-date time schedule here. In the mean time, here are the general times for the sunrise in Charleston.

January 7:22 - 7:15am

February 7:14 - 6:48am

March 6:47am - 6:35am, then with time change 7:34 - 7:09am

April 7:08 - 6:33am

May 6:32 - 6:18am

June 6:12 - 6:14am

July 6:15 - 6:32am

August 6:33 - 6:53am

September 6:54 - 7:13am

October 7:13 - 7:36am

November 7:37 - 7:03am

December 7:03 - 7:21am

How Early to be Out Prior to the Actual Sunrise?

Plan to arrive at your viewing spot at least 20 minutes prior to actual sunrise. This time prior to the sun rising is when you will see the most colors dancing across the sky. This is the real show.


The 2 Best Parks to Catch the Sunrise in Downtown Charleston SC

1. The Battery in Charleston for a Sunrise

sun rising with golden sky at The Battery in Charleston
Sunrise at The Battery in Charleston

Head to the southern tip of The Battery for the best vantage point, anywhere along East Battery St (East Bay Street turns into East Battery in front of White Point Gardens, aka Battery Park). From here you will have a clear view of the sun rising slightly to your left. In addition to the display of colors before the rise, birds and dolphins are active in this area in the mornings. Also active at dawn are the night herons that nest in Battery Park (just behind you) during late spring to summer. There are tons of them in the tree tops and their calls are otherworldly in the early morning hours.

2. Waterfront Park for a Sunrise in Charleston

My favorite way to enter Waterfront Park for a sunrise is at the Exchange & Concord St entrance. More specifically, it is walking down Exchange Street, from Broad, straight toward the water and park. From that vantage point you will walk straight toward the gorgeous colors lighting the sky. It takes you up a few steps and onto a platform, a lovely spot for viewing. You are also likely to see birds and dolphins in the early morning here. Linger a while and walk along the waterfront while it is still and quiet.


Two Favorite Beaches to Watch a Sunrise in Charleston SC

1. Sullivan’s Island Beach for a Charleston Sunrise

If you are an early bird and up to venturing out pretty early, you can not beat a sunrise at the beach. My favorite spot is Sullivan’s Island Beach for a sunrise in Charleston SC. Sullivan’s is a quieter beach, non commercial and at sunrise it is almost all yours. Many mornings the sound of the ocean can be heard as you start on the boardwalk to make your way to the beach, long before ever seeing the water. Then there are the natural flora brimming along the path and depending on the season, scents of honeysuckle, jasmine or wild roses. It is such a sensory experience all the way around. As the sun rises, take a walk along the beach toward the sun, then after the rise the sun will be on your back as you turn around and head toward your starting point. This beach always offers something different, sand dollars galore (mostly alive), jellyfish, shells, dolphins and seabirds.

2. Folly Beach for Sunrise

Folly Beach Pier with sunrising in background Charleston
Folly Beach Pier at Sunrise

As the busiest beach in Charleston, I do not visit as often. Sunrise or sunset, however, is a time I will make the visit to Folly Beach. The pier is spectacular in the morning hours and the shells and artifacts on the beach are beyond plentiful. The early morning also ushers less people, and while not a feeling of solitude, it is still quite nice. A favorite spot is just to the east of the pier with the sun rising in the distance framed by the pier. And definitely make the walk out to the end of the pier for a gorgeous view—how often do you get to extend 1049 feet out above the water! Watch the ocean from the walk as the dolphins are quite active in this area.


2 Best Bridges to Catch the Sunrise in Charleston SC

1. Ravenel Bridge

This one is for the adventurous. There are 2 viewing platforms on Ravenel Bridge offering spectacular views of downtown Charleston and of the sun rising. The catch is, you have to walk up the bridge, via the pedestrian path, in time to catch that sunrise and ideally prior to see the colors across the sky. The benefit will be a nice workout first thing in the morning plus the views and bragging rights. The best place to access is from the Mount Pleasant side. It will take about 20 minutes walking to reach the observation decks. And, add another 15 minutes to arrive early to see the colors beforehand. That is about 30 to 35 minutes prior to sunrise to start the walk up. Make sure to look behind you after taking in the sunrise to see the Charleston Harbor and the steeples all across town begin to light up with the sun. Note, it can get chilly up there so plan accordingly.

2. Pitt Street Bridge for Sunrise

on Pitt Street Bridge looking over marsh with sun rising over Charleston
Pitt Street Bridge at Sunrise

This bridge is much closer to the ground, or water that is than the above mentioned Ravenel Bridge. It is a bridge that once served as a trolley bridge connecting Mount Pleasant to Sullivan’s Island. Today, it is a park area with the bridge, transformed into walking paths, extending mainly out over marsh areas. A gorgeous place to see the golden light of the morning reflecting off the marsh grasses along with the sun rising. Egrets and herons are plentiful in this area with a likely sighting in the marsh grass on your visit. Allow about 20 minutes for the drive from Downtown Charleston. You will also be a short 10 minutes from Sullivan’s Island Beach, if you wanted to head over afterwards for an early morning beach visit.


Bonus: 1 Creek to Watch the Sunrise in Charleston SC

Shem Creek for Sunrise in Charleston

red and yellow colors in sky as sun rises over Shem Creek and Marsh in Charleston
Shem Creek just before sunrise in Charleston

While I am sure they are many creeks offering views of the sunrise in Charleston SC, we are looking at no other than Shem Creek. Start the morning with a walk down the park’s boardwalk (free entry and bathrooms). The boardwalk is about a mile long and some of the best views are from the end of the boardwalk facing the Charleston Harbor. Along the walk the colors will begin brimming off the creek and the many boats, birds and yes, dolphins. The morning offers a quiet walk and lovely views with shimmers of blues and yellows against the shrimp boats—a favorite part of the sunrise in this area. Afterwards, grab breakfast at nearby Vicious Biscuit or Page’s Okra Grill.


As a Local, my 7 Best Places to Watch a Gorgeous Sunrise in Charleston SC

  1. The Battery

  2. Waterfront Park

  3. Sullivan’s Island Beach

  4. Folly Beach

  5. Ravenel Bridge

  6. Pitt Street Bridge

  7. Shem Creek

Conclusion: Embracing the Dawn with Sunrise in Charleston SC

Waking up with the city of Charleston and witnessing its sunrise is an experience infused with tranquil beauty and vibrant colors. Whether you're a long-time local or a visitor drawn to this historic place, the act of chasing the first light of day against such stunning backdrops is an enriching ritual. May the reflection of the sun off the cobblestone streets, the gentle lapping of the harbor waves, or the soft rustle of marsh grass accompany your every venture to greet the dawn. Here's to the magic of sunrise in Charleston SC – where every new day begins with a showstopping display of nature's grandeur.

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