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From a Charleston Local...ME,

Welcome to the heart of the South: Charleston, SC, a city that is as warm and welcoming as a sun-soaked summer afternoon. As a local, I have been charmed by its cobblestone streets, historic mansions, and the timeless beauty of its lush gardens. But Charleston is more than just a pretty face. It's a city with a vibrant soul, a place where history echoes through the alleyways, and every sunset on the harbor tells a story. Here, we savor the simple pleasures - a leisurely stroll along The Battery, picnics in a park, savor local seafood and southern staples, immerse in the soothing rhythm of the ocean waves at Sullivan's Island. This isn't just a travel guide; it's a personal invitation into my beloved city, an insider's look at the true essence of Charleston. So come, let me show you around my Charleston, where every corner holds a new discovery and every moment is a memory in the making.

Best Things to Do in Charleston

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17 Iconic Must-Sees in Charleston

What to see, skip & not miss on any trip to Charleston. Discover the true city while by-passing the tourist traps.

Sullivans Island Beach Charleston at Sunrise by Monica Edwards

See which beach is best for you—which one is laid back and natural, more commercial, or lively and kitschy.

Nathaniel Russell House Charleston Tour

We have curated the list and here are the 5 best historic houses in Charleston SC you can actually tour. Plus 10+ more to tour in....

Gibbes Museum Display Charleston Furniture and Art

In 2024, whether you're an avid culture-craver or a casual history buff, these are the best museums to visit in Charleston.

Shem Creek Sunrise Charleston SC

For a gorgeous display of colors, birds, dolphins and solitude that make sunrise in Charleston SC a must-see, here are my 7 favorite places.

McLeod Plantation Charleston

Whether looking to gain a glimpse into this former life or simply stroll the gorgeous gardens of today, these are the 5 to choose.

To Do in Charleston

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The Quick Guide 

All of the best of Charleston in one handy list. Plus access to a series of extra tips, secrets and more. Perfect for locals and visitors.

01 Where to Eat

02 What to See

03 What to Do

04  Iconic Must-Sees

05 Where the locals do life

06 Extra Tips & Secrets

07 And, The Drip

Charleston Quick Guide by Monica Edwards

Best Places to Eat & Drink in Charleston

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Hanks Seafood Restaurant Charleston

For the best Lowcountry, Southern Coastal flavor in Downtown Charleston SC check out these top 11 restaurants picked by locals!

Harken Cafe Coffee Shop in Charleston SC

Here are the 5 best coffee shops in Downtown Charleston that this local visits on the regular and takes guests.

Houdini Sandwich from Queen St Grocery Charleston

10 interesting little food joints not on the regular guides nor the editorial review lists of big magazines. Local favs though indeed.

Breakfast Vicious Biscuit Charleston

When in Charleston, a Low Country Southern breakfast is a must-try. And for quicker or lighter options we’ve got you covered there too.

Thoroughbred Lounge Charleston

Charleston's night scene is burgeoning. Here are the best of the best from casual to refined and from fancy to speakeasy style.

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Charleston Picks: Google Maps

All of the best in one handy list. Plus access to a series of extra tips, secrets and more. 

  • Restaurants

  • Coffee Shops

  • Lunch Spots

  • Breakfast & Brunch

  • Iconic Must-Sees

  • Museums & House Tours

  • Plantations | Gardens

  • Breweries, Cocktail, Wine & Rooftop Bars

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Charleston Google Map by Monica Edwards

Itineraries, What to Wear and Pack, and When to Visit Charleston



The best of Charleston in just 2 days. Insider tips on where to explore historic sites, indulge in delicious food, & soak up the coastal charm.

What to Wear in Charleston by Monica Edwards

Dive into Charleston style, the weather by seasons, events and the best time to visit, plus what to pack and wear in Charleston SC.

a plantation a rooftop view and streets of Charleston with a local

Journey beyond the well-trodden tourist trails and dive into the heart of what locals do to savor the slow life in Charleston.

FAQ Answered for Charleston Locals & Visitors

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8 Top Restaurants to Grab Dinner without a Reservation—and how to do it.

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Parking in Town—the Free Days, Times, and the Ins and Outs.

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Fresh Local Seafood & Local Meats for Pick Up

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Monthly Downtown Charleston Events:

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4 Must-Know Places for Charcuterie, Picnics, Chef Desserts & more

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Where to Rent Bikes 

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Best Places for Souvenirs

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Transport—Trolley, Uber, And Bike Taxis

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Must-Have Memberships for Locals 

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Charleston Quick Guide by Monica Edwards

A Local's Guide
to Charleston

Whether you're a local or a traveler, download this guide to the best of Charleston—from a local's perspective. You'll see where the locals eat, shop, play and explore (and, where we take our friends when they come into town).

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